How to tell if there are hidden cameras in your hotel room

Bar losing your luggage, finding out that the owner of the Airbnb or the hotel you are staying at is spying on you with a hidden camera is perhaps the worst hypothetical thing that can happen on your vacation after the lockdown.

Back in 2019, a report discovered that a Facebook group of thousands of Airbnbs and other vacation rental owners reportedly shared embarrassing stories and photos of guests they captured by security cameras.

Airbnb community standards prohibit hosts from sharing travelers’ personal information. In a statement on their website, they say:

“We require hosts to disclose all security cameras and other recording devices in their listings, and we prohibit all security cameras and other recording devices that are found or observe inside certain private areas. (such as bedrooms and bathrooms) they were disclosed. Intentionally concealed recording devices (such as hidden security cameras) are never allowed.

The company has since introduced a New policy that every home and host listed on the site must be reviewed before posting, and that guests can request a refund through a guest guarantee if the venue does not match the description on the site.

If you’re still worried that someone is spying on you, here’s how to tell if there’s a secret camera hidden in your hotel or Airbnb room.

How to tell if there are hidden cameras in your hotel or Airbnb room

According to TikToker Marcus Hutchins (@malwaretech), you want to search for objects or devices that are conveniently placed in the room. This could include a smoke detector above the bed, an automatic clock near a bedside table, or even a television, to name a few.

From there, illuminate the object that you think is suspicious. This will either reveal a very obvious camera inside the device or a blue light inside a micro camera.

To find out if there is a night vision camera in your Airbnb, turn off the lights and use your front camera on your phone. If you see a pair of purple dots on the walls, a smoke detector, or some other object, it’s an LED camera. PS, your phone’s rear camera will not work here because it uses an IR filter.

Also, you can better spot secret LED cameras on a device with LED lights by covering the standard LED light with your thumb and then hovering your front camera over it.

Hutchins says that while there aren’t many instances where someone would put a night vision camera in a bathroom because people tend not to shower in the dark, it’s worth it. keep an eye out for any suspicious device or object facing the entrance to the bathroom.

For the full tutorial, check out the TikTok video below.


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