Huddersfield Italian restaurant Trattoria Domenico to close permanently as owners issue heartfelt message to fans

A well-known Italian restaurant in Huddersfield is set to close for good after bosses issued a candid statement announcing its closure.

Trattoria Domenico at Imperial Arcade, Huddersfield, posted to Facebook on Sunday morning to let diners know that despite a fundraising campaign, not enough money was raised to save the restaurant.

Last year, the owners of the family-run establishment asked the public to help raise £ 25,000 which would allow them to open in the future.

However, Trattoria Domenico will now close permanently, leaving its fans devastated.

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In a Facebook post, the restaurant said: “For starters. We are grateful and indebted to all of the customers of Trattoria Domenico. For all the years of catering and support.

“We are grateful. Deep down, we are grateful for the donations and crowdfunding we received in December. We are always gratified. Although we had to put a firm hand on the table. To say unfortunately that we could not get by.

“We sincerely apologize for having to make this decision. We had to face this reality. Yet we end with our heads held high. And we will never forget the gratitude and love that have been received for Trattoria Domenico.

Father and son owners: Chef, Salvatore Domenico and Giuseppe Cina, in their Italian restaurant, Trattoria Domenico, Imperial Arcade, downtown Huddersfield

“Inside all of us, we will always be touched. By the appreciation and respect from all customers. 10 years of dedication and passion. We had to put out the flame. And say we closed.

“The Trattoria Domenico will forever be remembered by our customers and our family. With all our love, we will all miss you.”

The post drew dozens of comments, many expressing their sadness and wishing the family the best of luck in their future endeavors.

One of them wrote: “Oh no! So sad to hear that. Best wishes to your lovely family and I will always have wonderful memories of dinner and celebration at your fabulous restaurant.”

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One fan posted: “This sad news, we have always had such wonderful meals and service. All the best for the future”, while another added: “The end of a chapter and a very sad for all of us. Salvo, Peppi, all of your family, the happiness you have all brought to me and mine will be missed. Until next time. “

Others said they were “absolutely gutted” after hearing the news of the restaurant’s disappearance with a post “you were our favorite restaurant in Huddersfield”.

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