Huge Pasco Fraud Case Reinforces Need for Money Verification

Pasco Police and other agencies are urging ALL businesses to verify funds on checks, especially if it is a major purchase. This case reinforces it.

Pasco man arrested for fraud, tries again when released from prison

Was so nice he tried it twice? Pasco police say Dalton Wade McManamon, 24, of Pasco, was arrested nearly a month ago after allegedly using fake checks from a closed account to buy vehicles worth $300 $000. He bought two trucks, a boat and an RV.

The incident came to light when one of the merchants contacted Pasco PD after the company learned the checks were from the closed account. The police were able to quickly trace the fraud and McManamon was jailed.

However, he tried again. Presumably he was released from prison pending further court appearances and on July 27 attempted to buy another one RV for over $36,000 from a Pasco dealership. But this time, on the spot, they wrote a check to verify the funds, and it came back insufficient.

Authorities have been notified and now McManamon is back in the rebar motel.

Officials say all businesses in the area should, where possible, verify funds before allowing a customer to leave with goods, especially if it is a big ticket item. This is one of the largest purchase fraud attempts in Franklin County.

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