Huge rat spotted in restaurant as owner slams viral video and restaurant declared pest-free

Jon Simon, chief executive and co-founder of Pieminister, said the video did not reflect his restaurant’s standards and was filmed when the business closed.

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Leeds: Rat seen at Pieminister in the city center

A huge rat was spotted in a restaurant as the owner slammed an ‘unfair’ viral video

Ashley Docherty, who worked for a short time at the restaurant in Leeds city centre, posted the footage of the rodent seen there.

The short video attracted 93 shares and multiple comments in less than 24 hours.

But the owner of the Pieminster restaurant chain has condemned claims he has a ‘resident rat’.

The video, which was posted by the ex-worker, showed the “huge rat” running around the premises’ dining area.

But Jon Simon, chief executive and co-founder of the channel said LeedsLive the video did not reflect his restaurant’s standards and was filmed when the business was closed.

Ashley Docherty, who worked at the restaurant briefly, posted the video showing the rodent


Leeds Live)

Mr Simon said: “It’s definitely not true and it seems incredibly unfair. It’s not based on fact at all.

“This is based on video of a pest taken when we were closed and has been edited.

“We have a pest control system in place. It was there before this incident. It has been dealt with.”

He confirmed that once he was made aware of the video, the restaurant immediately called pest control who resolved the issue.

Mr Simon added: “As soon as the video was posted, we immediately called Eco Lab (pest control) who solved the problem and deep cleaned the site twice at our request.

“The case has been closed. Eco Lab visits our restaurant eight times a year as part of their contract with us.”

He insists there has never been a rodent problem on his premises before: “As you can see this was a one off incident and we were advised that it was probably due to the fact that we had major road works in front of the restaurant around this time.

“As you will see from the attached report, there was no rodent activity in any part of the building.”

Documents show that Eco Lab attended Pieminister, found the rodent and disposed of it. No other activity was observed at the scene.

Additional control for insects and other pests in offices, internal rooms, kitchen, storage rooms and storage room proved to be clean.

Internal rodent monitoring equipment was also inspected, maintained and cleaned.

A complaint has been lodged with Leeds City Council after the rodent was spotted

The authority received the allegation, but Pieminister produced documentation to confirm that pest control procedures were in place and that they had been declared pest-free.

Leeds City Council also confirmed that the report relating to the rat seen in the video was the only one it had been made aware of and had been investigated.

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