‘Hybrid’ hotel planned for Las Vegas arts district, caters to working tourists and young professionals

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A “hybrid” hotel is planned for the Las Vegas Arts District, catering to a mix of traditional tourists, business travelers and locals who want to live downtown. born in Las Vegas.

The City of Las Vegas has approved the 900 South Main Street project. The hybrid hotel concept, which has already appeared in a number of major US cities, is being built by developer ZLife, which helped bring the Todd English Hotel to the Arts District. Architect Edward Vance also spearheaded the design and construction.

The property will include six floors with more than 240 rooms, a restaurant and a laundry room. Some floors will include traditional hotel rooms, small studio apartments for people looking to live in Las Vegas, as well as hostel-style options for travelers on temporary assignments or gigs. Some units will have kitchenettes.

The developer will partner with the company Selina, which runs hostel-style living and coworking spaces in cities including New York, Chicago, Miami and Washington, DC Vance said. High-end hostel models are increasingly popular with young professionals on temporary assignments, looking for options that aren’t a traditional hotel or short-term rental through platforms such as Airbnb.

“It really gives Las Vegas a leg up,” Vance said. “As the Arts District continues to evolve and mature, you’re going to see the need to provide these types of alternative housing products to workers in this neighborhood,” he said. “They just need a short-term, profitable place to call home for a while,” Vance said.

Customers or residents can rent electric cars that will be available at stations, Vance said. The project will also be built with environmental sustainability at the forefront, to ensure the building is energy efficient.

The time frame for completion could be 18 months, Vance said.

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