I booked an Airbnb for my friend

A WOMAN was left with a $6,864 (£5,079) bill after booking an Airbnb for her friend – who then ransacked it.

As egooorls69 on TikTok, they shared their horror story which included his mate leaving burnt pillows and even dog poo behind.


Woman claims her friend left her a £5,000 Airbnb damage bill

She captioned, in a now-deleted video: “When you lend your friend money and you rent him an Airbnb and he ghosts you and it happens.”

She then shared a screenshot showing the Airbnb host, called Trish, asking for the huge sum in damages.

The follow-up video, which has also been deleted, revealed some of the damage left behind.

This included sofa cushions that had been thrown on the fire, leaving huge burn marks, according to Daily item.

Her friend also left ashes from the fire everywhere and even let her dog poop in the house.

TikTok users were horrified that her friend not only ransacked the place, but even signed the guestbook with her name as she left to try and shift blame.

Before the video was deleted, it had been viewed over 1.4 million times.

One person commented, “That’s why I’m not helping anyone.”

The woman responded in the comments, saying the Airbnb owner was “very nice” about it, saying she understands she didn’t cause the damage herself.

Some people have said that the damages are way too expensive for the damages done and to increase with Airbnb.

However, others explained that the costs may not have been solely for the damage, but for the loss of revenue while the venue was being repaired.

Another woman recently claimed her Airbnb rental was filthy with broken furniture – and posted the footage on TikTok.

Airbnb host sued for damages after friend left dog poo and burnt cushions


Airbnb host sued for damages after friend left dog poo and burnt cushions
I had a disgusting Airbnb experience – there were dirty utensils and a dirty shower and I only got a half refund

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