“I cried watching this”

An elementary school teacher in Toronto who passes @teachinthe6ix made a special surprise to his class!

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The educator, who shares teaching tips and resources on instagram, collaborated with a sneaker customization studio to provide their students with personalized Nike sneakers with their own designs. The teacher filmed and shared the touching moment when she presented the sneakers to her students.

The video starts with a picture of teacher in front of the class, kneeling next to an object hidden by a sheet. A student stands on the other side of the object, and the teacher and student hold the edges of the sheet.

“Keep your eyes closed!” the teacher tells his class.

Then the teacher count to three and remove the sheet to reveal a stack of shoeboxes.

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“So because everyone’s been working super, super hard this year, you’re each going to have your own pair of Air Forces,” the teacher tells her class. “You’re going to be able to custom design them with markers and pens, and use your creativity to design your own individual shoe that you can keep forever.”

Then the video cuts to a shot of the Classroom. The students are seated at their desks with the shoes in front of them. They start by drawing their designs on paper to create models.UPS. Then they grab their markers and start drawing their unique custom designs right onto the shoes.

Close up video shows some of the lovely designs kids came with. One shoe is decorated with stars in the night sky, while others feature colorful stripes and patterns. Each pair of sneakers also features colorful laces chosen by the kids.

Then the video switches to teacher another day. “So the day has finally come, and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated, who has shown their love and support, and this is just the beginning.”

In the caption, the teacher explains that members of the community have helped her raise funds for her sneaker project.

TikTokers encourage the professor

Viewers applauded the dedicated teacher and her creative students.

“I cried watching this. You did an amazing job. Love!” a viewer wrote.

“What a beautiful gift”, another TikToker commented.

“It was so pure and such a wonderful idea!” wrote another TikToker.

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