‘I just spit my drink everywhere’

A mom wanted a curly hair makeover, and, boy, did she get it.

Going to a hairdresser for a new look is always a kind of gamble. No matter how many reference photos you show the hairstylist, it seems like you rarely get what you ask for. But sometimes the hair you thought you wanted just isn’t the hair you need.

Watch this bland Brooklyn bedroom become a mid-century modern getaway in just one day:

TikToker @aprilwatson51 shared what happened after her mom went to the salon and asked for long curly hair like Nicki Minaj. It wasn’t the Barbie makeover she was hoping for.

The mom provided two reference photos with long voluminous curls. Watson explained that her mother had “very fine, short hair,” so her best option was a weave. The stylist installed long blonde curls, but it just wasn’t the look the mom was going for.

The yellow blonde Barbie with curls looked more like long ramen noodles than the luscious locks in the reference photos.

TikTokers were happy to tease Watson’s mother having fun.

“I bet she sat there and told the stylist she loved it,” someone commented. The TikToker replied, “She did,” along with some laughing emojis, adding, “It was out within 5 minutes.”

“It gives Christina Aguilera ‘Lady Marmalade'”, a person joked.

“Oh my god, I just spit my drink all over the place. I wasn’t ready for this,” a TikToker replied.

“What happened in the super noodles!” another one said.

“I think the single-colored blonde makes it worse. If it was multiple colors mixed together, maybe even a little darker and a slight looser curl,” another suggested.

This Brooklyn home office is getting a California-inspired makeover with just $1,000:

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