Iceland’s double deal gets £ 65 in purchases for £ 45

Iceland offers all buyers £ 5 off when spending £ 65 online. The deal will launch on Tuesday February 2 and will last ten days until February 12, according to the online supermarket.

A second deal means orders will be delivered for free as the supermarket offers free delivery for any order over £ 35.

Iceland did not report any issues with delivery slots amid higher delivery demand. It says there are thousands of slots available every day and offers free shipping on any order over £ 35.

You can find and reserve a slot here.

There is also a way to further reduce the price of the store by using a new £ 15 deal on the Topcashback cashback website. The deal cuts the cost of a shop from £ 65 to just £ 45 – a saving of £ 20 – and includes free delivery.

The £ 15 offer is available through Top cashback, which offers £ 15 cash back to anyone who orders more than £ 35 of items from Iceland. The offer is available to all new members and brings the price of a shop down from £ 35 to £ 20.

You can get the deal here.

Other supermarket delivery slots are in high demand due to the lockdown.


Asda limits the number of slots available due to demand. He said, “It is understandable that the demand for online shopping is very high, please check back regularly as we continue to work to increase our capacity.”

It has suspended the sale of new delivery passes due to the demand for deliveries.


Sainsbury’s has increased the number of slots it offers to 800,000.

He says, “We have increased the number of home delivery and Click and Collect slots available and are on track to offer 800,000 weekly slots. As a result, our existing customers and new customers have access to more niches.

Sainsbury’s has suspended its delivery pass, but slots are available and are being added daily.

by Morrison

Morrison’s is still offering delivery on Amazon fresh. The online retailer sells many of the groceries you can find in Amazon stores and also offers a “Subscribe & Save” service that offers discounts on regular deliveries.


Tesco has suspended sales of its delivery passes so it can focus on prioritizing vulnerable customers.

The supermarket still offers delivery slots, but these are in high demand. The supermarket said: “There is always a high demand for our online service, so we encourage you to shop in the store if you are able to, where we have a number of measures in place. security.”

Tesco has also extended the opening hours of its stores and you can check your local Tesco on the website.

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