Incredible photos show giant moon rising over Scotland

Across Scotland, people have taken incredible photos of the last flowering moon of the year, as the giant moon has been spotted rising across the country.

The full moon was the biggest and brightest of 2021, making it a so-called super moon.

The Flower Moon, so called because it occurs each May when flowers are blooming across the country, peaked last night (May 26) and is the second of two consecutive super moons, the closest from Earth this year.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this lunar name comes from Native Americans – and Algonquin peoples, in particular.

And the Scots were only too happy to take advantage of the clear skies over much of the country, giving them breathtaking views of the phenomenon as it happened.

Author Nicola Cornick captured this incredible photo on the Isle of Coll

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Speaking of the lunar event, space agency NASA said, “Compared to other full moons in 2021, the flowering moon will have the closest approach to Earth, making it appear as the closest full moon and the biggest of the year.

“Over the seasons, as the second full moon of spring, Native American tribes in the northeastern United States called it the Flower Moon, as flowers are abundant at this time of year in most of the world. these regions. “

Renowned author Nicola Cornick shared a picture of the moon rising over nearby New Breachacha Castle on the Isle of Coll, Scotland’s own dark sky island.

While another lucky photographer based on the Isle of Islay managed to capture some beautiful photos of the moon appearing over the island.

Lucky Scotsman captured full moon rising over Islay
Lucky Scotsman captured full moon rising over Islay

Another photo of the incredible full moon over Islay
Another photo of the incredible full moon over Islay

While the beautiful moon has also been captured rising above the Kildoon monument just outside of Maybole in South Ayrshire.

The super moon full of flowers rises above the Kildoon monument just outside Maybole in South Ayrshire
The super moon rises over the Kildoon monument just outside Maybole in South Ayrshire

The moon’s odd color, which sometimes appeared bright orange, light pink, or pale yellow, was due to its position on the horizon.

According to Cambridge Live, here’s how you should prepare if you want to capture your own stunning photo of the moon, which should still be bright tonight.

Outdoors, away from internal lighting, choose a location that allows a clear view and is away from buildings and other light sources – then make sure you’re using the correct settings for night photography on your phone.

  • Turn off your flash.
  • Adjust your ISO sensitively.
  • Setting your focus to 100 will also help.
  • A night photography app will give you more control over camera settings than your regular camera app.
  • There are many apps (like the Moon Locator app – available on Android devices, free of charge) to help you plan where you can see the moon in the night sky.

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