Indianapolis man alleges fake arrest in Fort Wayne; Latest BLM protest case to federal court

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WPTA21) – An Indianapolis man visiting Fort Wayne is the latest plaintiff to see his lawsuit stemming from the 2020 downtown protests end up in federal court.

Jalen SR Brown filed a first complaint with the state court system, alleging a violation of his rights when he was arrested on May 30, 2020. He claims he and his girlfriend were in the city center for unrelated reasons, encountered the protests and stopped to observe them. when clashes between police and protesters broke out.

According to the file, “a SWAT car heads towards the corner of the park saying ‘If you don’t scatter and go home you will be arrested immediately.'”

Brown says he was trying to get back to an Airbnb when “another SWAT truck comes in and blocks us, telling us to get down.”

He was arrested and taken to Allen County Jail.

The lawsuit notes that he was released after three days and that the original trespassing charge was dropped.

Records show two misdemeanor charges were dismissed last August.

Brown claims his rights were violated by officers acting on behalf of the City of Fort Wayne.

The case was officially transferred to the Northern Indiana District Court last week.

This is one of many such cases currently before the courts. In each, the plaintiffs allege false arrest, abuse or other rights violations.

The city has yet to file a response in the latest case, but has defended the actions of the Fort Wayne Police Department in similar court cases.


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