Indy 500 driver helmets designed to stand out

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Stefan Wilson’s first racing helmet was an inheritance from his older brother, Justin. So was his second. And his third.

The Wilson brothers had designed the model together as they grew up racing karting in England. When Stefan finally had the chance to create his own protective headgear, he decided to keep everything the same and just change the colors.

It worked for a while, but Stefan eventually “gave up on that to kind of create my own identity.”

Now he can’t wait to bring it back. Stefan has a specially painted helmet for the Indianapolis 500 that pays homage to his early racing days and to his older brother, who died after being hit by debris in a crash at Pocono Raceway in 2015.

“It’s pretty neat to go back to this idea that we shared many, many years ago and come full circle like this,” said Wilson, whose helmet also sports a British flag and remembers three deceased friends. over the past two years. . “To be able to continue to see this model that he used, which was so easily identifiable as him, to continue to use this model and put my own twist on it, that’s special for me.”

It’s also part of a growing tradition at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where more and more drivers wear unique helmets designed to stand out at “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” It’s high-speed art that shows no signs of slowing down.


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