Injuries at Austin FC on July 1, 2021

Austin FC had its first season: a seven-week drive to kick-off, a goal in seven games and a string of injuries that left half of the club’s incumbents off the field at one point. given.

Here’s a look at who’s on, who’s away and who’s been injured on the Austin FC roster to date.

Jon Gallagher, forward: foot injury unknown

The same foot that scored Austin FC’s first home goal could prevent forward Jon Gallagher from making any further training or matches.

Gallagher said he shot down ibuprofen just before scoring the first goal at stage Q2. At the end of the first half, Gallagher said he was “rather useless”, and he was seen on crutches around half-time, although he was walking steadily over time.

Gallagher said he was unsure of the verdict of the injury.

“I don’t know the extent of it. I hope it’s not too bad,” Gallagher said after the game. “Mentally it’s a bittersweet night because I don’t know how bad it is.”

Danny Hoesen, striker: indefinitely absent due to hip injury

Hoesen has been out for several games in a row but could recover by the end of the season. (Danny Hoesen / Instagram)

Fans were dismayed when head coach Josh Wolff announced that Hoesen, who had been the offensive leader at the start of the season, would be sidelined for the season with a hip injury.

Thankfully, athletic director Claudio Reyna clarified a day later and said Hoesen is making good progress after the operation and may be back sooner. “We always hope he can recover in time for the last games of the year,” said Reyna.

The club have taken some steps to help the forward position, although Reyna has said they are still looking to sign new forwards during the summer transfer window. The club signed Moussa Djitté, 21, from Grenoble in the French Ligue 2 on Monday, and Reyna said his third designated player position was still open.

Nick Lima, right-back: hamstring strain

Nick Lima is out indefinitely after injuring his hamstring against Minnesota United. (Austin FC / Twitter)

Nick Lima was the latest in a string of last-minute injuries that saw three starters – Lima, captain Alex Ring and center-back Matt Besler – eliminated in a 2-0 loss to Minnesota United on June 23.

As Ring (right ankle) and Besler (right foot) recovered just in time to help take out the Columbus crew on Sunday, Wolff said Lima will be out “for a little while” while his hamstring heals.

In his place is Hector Jimenez, who Wolff says is the only real right-back they have left at a press conference after the game against Minnesota. Jimenez, who injured himself on his first start of the season in May, helped the club achieve their second shutout in Q2.

Aaron Schoenfield, forward: left knee

Aaron Schoenfield is yet to make his club debut due to injuries. (Aaron Schoenfield / Instagram)

Aaron Schoenfield, another scoring option for the club, is yet to make his Austin FC debut after a “setback” with his left knee. Wolff said “it will always be a good way” before Schoenfield can hit the pitch for the first time, reinforcing the need for new registrants at the top.

Ulises Segura, midfielder: left knee

Segura’s debut has yet to be determined this season after the midfielder underwent knee surgery towards the start of the season. He and Schoenfield have been out all season to date with left knee injuries.

Ben Sweat, left back: ACL tear

Starting left-back Ben Sweat suffered one of the club’s first injuries with the club, and the verdict was an athlete’s worst nightmare. With an ACL tear, Sweat envisions a long road to recovery, despite having previously had surgery and spotted doing exercises on his injured knee.

Sweat’s injury propelled new signing Žan Kolmanič into the starting XI just after leaving his former side NK Maribor in Slovenia. Wolff praised the 21-year-old Kolmanič on his fitness and enthusiasm for the ball, but Sweat will always be greeted with open arms the next time he steps onto the pitch.

While a five-injured list might not be ideal, Austin has enjoyed quick recoveries so far: Besler and Ring are back in great shape, SuperDraft No.1 pick Daniel Pereira is back after a stint on the bench, Jhohan Romana is again available in the center back, and Rodney Redes, who suffered a knee ding, has apparently made a full recovery.

The club will need all hands on deck in an attempt to fight the scoreless “curse” (only we call it that) at stadium Q2.

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