Innisfree opens green tea farms on Jeju Island on Airbnb

Innisfree’s Dolsongyi and Seogwang Tea Estates open to customers already living in Korea

South Korean skincare brand Innisfree announced its partnership with global accommodation company Airbnb on Tuesday, June 22, opening its Dolsongyi and Seogwang tea farms on Jeju Island to guests for overnight stays.

JEJUHOUSE. Innisfree’s new space is located near Seogwang Tea Farm.


The two tea farms on Jeju Island are the cosmetics giant’s source for its green tea line. This is also where their retail space and cafe, Jejuhouse, is located. To celebrate the new partnership, Innisfree and Airbnb are launching a promotion where two guests can stay at the famous farmhouses for one night free, starting August 6-7.



“We are thrilled to expand Airbnb’s footprint in Jeju, where we have a dedicated and passionate host community, through our partnership with Innisfree,” Airbnb Korea Country Manager Brandon Son said in a statement. A press release.



“We have been so inspired for our products by Jeju’s extraordinary natural beauty and abundant resources, and we are thrilled to partner with Airbnb to bring this very special destination to life for a broad domestic audience,” said Ms. Hyejin. Lee, Senior Vice President of Innisfree. Marketing, added.



Contest winners will stay in a comfortable motorhome overlooking the fields, with an outdoor seating area perfect for relaxing and stargazing. Customers also get the chance to enjoy ‘cutting edge’ experiences, such as learning the art of tea and picking fresh tea leaves with Innisfree’s leading research and development expert. Other activities include an outdoor yoga class, private photoshoot, and botanical art class.



Additionally, during the stay, guests will be served a series of meals intimately curated by Jejuhouse’s chef. Meals incorporate some of the island’s fresh produce.



Residents of Korea can book their stay on a first-come, first-served basis starting Monday, June 28 at 10 a.m. Korea Standard Time (KST) with a $10 refundable fee.



Guests should note that house rules are strictly enforced in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. For now, only people residing in Korea can book their farm vacation.

This partnership is the latest in a series of initiatives from Airbnb, which aims to bring unique and unexpected new spaces to the platform for a “once in a lifetime” experience. — with reporting by Angelica Burlaza/

Angelica Burlaza is a Rappler trainee.

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