‘Insane gun violence’: Airbnb condemns deadly Sunnyvale shooting

Airbnb told KTVU on Monday that the stock rental company condemned the “senseless gun violence that took place in Sunnyvale” and was working with police to help with the investigation as well as to support the families of the victim.

The company also said the host of the Navarro Drive property in the Raynor Park neighborhood was banning parties and that the Saturday night party with up to 200 teens that turned deadly on Saturday was not allowed, which means that the party was organized without the consent of the owner.

In the meantime, rental property has been deactivated as the company reviews what’s going on, the company said.

Airbnb banned house party rentals after five people were shot and killed in Orinda on Halloween in 2019.

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Airbnb’s response came after two teenagers were gunned down late Saturday night. One person was pronounced dead in hospital while another is recovering and is expected to survive, according to the Sunnyvale Public Safety Department.

Officers arrived after neighbors complained about the noise and fireworks.

“It was ten minutes straight with just cars and people walking past my street,” said Sunnyvale city councilor Mason Fong, who lives nearby. “I thought it was a house party. I looked out my window and realized there were a lot of young people.”

Some neighbors told KTVU that officers asked them for any home surveillance video that might help with the case.

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