Internet bride murdered wealthy British businessman in Ukraine, investigation finds

An investigation was learned today that a wealthy English businessman died in a hit-and-run in Ukraine while celebrating his first wedding anniversary.

Barry Pring, 47, suffered fatal injuries when he was struck by a vehicle – possibly a truck – while waiting for a taxi outside a restaurant in Kiev with his wife, Ganna Ziuzina, on February 16, 2008 .

The computer consultant married Ziuzina, known as Anna, in 2007 in a whirlwind romance after meeting online a few months earlier.

Pring’s mother, Irene, told the Bristol inquest that Ziuzina, now known as Julianna Moore, was a teacher but was working “selling tickets to shows” when they met.

“I wasn’t sure then how they met, but I assumed he had met her on his travels,” Pring said. “Barry told us that Anna’s parents were poor and that she was embarrassed to bring Barry home to meet them.”

“Her English was perfect and Barry relied on her totally when he was in Ukraine because he didn’t speak the language,” she said.

“I now know that Barry had started renting an apartment for Anna. What he didn’t tell us was that he met Anna on the internet after she placed an ad.


Pring said she and her late husband Basil learned of her son’s intention to marry Ms Moore just days before the ceremony in Ukraine in January 2007.

She described meeting Moore for the first time in the summer of 2007 while visiting Devon.

“I was quite surprised at how cold she was towards Barry. You would have thought they had been married for years and not newlyweds. She didn’t love him or care about him at all, ”she said.

“You would never have guessed that they had been separated for months. There didn’t seem to be a spark between Anna or Barry and it was very one-sided. “

Pring said that on seeing the couple again on Christmas, Moore was “very cold” towards his son.

She said she learned of her son’s death from her youngest son Shaughan, who had been contacted by phone from Ukraine by Moore.

The family then began to have suspicion about Pring’s death.

“We became suspicious of what happened on the night of Barry’s death and we hired a private investigator and a lawyer in Ukraine to find out what happened,” Ms. Pring said.

“It would appear that the initial crash was not investigated as thoroughly as it should have been and that the police did not appear to be suspicious of the circumstances of what happened. “, she explained.

“Our investigation revealed that the car that collided with Barry was on false nameplates and had been stolen from a parking lot near the apartment that Barry had rented for Anna before their marriage.”

The inquest was taking place at the Bristol Civil Justice Center in front of Judge Paul Matthews, with Ms Moore watching the proceedings via video link.

The hearing heard from Mr Pring, a native of Devon, who owns three properties in the London area and an apartment in Kiev. He also owned a second apartment jointly with Ms. Moore in Kiev.

Mr Pring’s brother Shaughan, 58, said he started believing in foul play after talking to his brother’s best friend, Peter Clifford.

John McLinden QC, representing Ms Moore, suggested to Mr Pring that he had been “reckless” in accusing his client of murdering her husband in High Court proceedings in 2017.

Reading Mr Pring’s statement to the High Court, Mr McLinden said: “In truth, Mrs Moore married the deceased for her money and brought about his death to get rid of him and for her own financial benefit, where it was likely that the marriage would otherwise soon come to an end. “

The lawyer asked, “You say she did this to your brother, that she murdered him?” This has been your allegation from the start.

“Why did she need to call you and let you know your brother is dead?” “

Mr. Pring replied, “Because I was the only one she had contact information for.”

The lawyer asked, “If she had murdered him, the next thing to do was cremate the body and get rid of the evidence. Why did she need to talk to you?

“If she was a murderer and she murdered your brother, why was it necessary to let you know that he was dead?”

Mr. Pring replied, “I have no idea.”

He continued, “That night my first concern was for Ms. Moore. I had a hunch that something was wrong – just as Mrs. Moore informed me of Barry’s death.

“It was very calm, very insensitive, there was no emotion, it was cold.

“I was ready to come to Ukraine right away because I was worried about her. Afterwards, I had a feeling that things were wrong.

“Mr Clifford said it was possible my brother was murdered for his property and looked at a list of reasons why.

“So initially, absolutely not.”

The hearing continues.

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