Internet users share ‘dehumanizing’ stories as Google and other organizations begin mass layoffs

As the economy slows, tens of thousands of workers have been laid off from some of the world’s biggest companies. The layoffs – as recounted by former employees on social media – tell a somewhat sordid and dehumanizing story. Some found themselves informed via impersonal e-mails during maternity leave or during business trips. Others found they were no longer part of the business as they tried to enter the office building in the morning.

“I find it hard to believe that after 20 years at Google I unexpectedly find out about my last day via an email. What a slap in the face. I wish I could have said goodbye to everyone face to face,” tweeted software engineer Jeremy Joslin.

“It’s like a text breakup,” complained another Twitter user, adding that he was dealing with a similar situation.

Seeing the abundance of messages online, many didn’t even know they had no more jobs until their access to various systems was cut off.

“I found out because I woke up to my phone which sent me a notification that my phone service would be cut soon. And all the stuff in my business account was locked. I saw the ’email later,’ one user recounted.

“You haven’t lived until you woke up in a Airbnb on a work trip to an email from the CEO announcing layoffs that will take effect in the next 15 minutes,” said journalist Anne Victoria Clark. While a later update said she had kept her job, others were less fortunate.

Old Youtube Employee Kimberly Diaz said she was fired while on a business trip with a client this month, just hours after meeting with key members of the company, including the CMO. In a ICT Tac video, she shared how she got up at 6 a.m. to put the finishing touches on a presentation and found she was essentially “locked out.”

“My colleague was kind enough to share her credit card with me so I could change my flight and get home as soon as possible,” Diaz adds.

“I was fired from last Friday along with the entire visuals team while on vacation,” one Twitter user said.

“Vox just fired me. 15 minutes notice,” read a brief update from fellow reporter Nate Wilcox.

For those who missed checking their phones and emails on layoff day, there was a much more rude awakening in store. Some Google employees had even gone to work the next day before finding out they were officially unemployed (because their passes hadn’t turned “green”).

The dismissed staff members also included women on maternity leave. Program manager Katherine Wong said recently she was fired – a week before maternity leave began – despite a “positive performance review”. As she noted, it was “almost impossible” for her to find a new job when she was 34 weeks pregnant. and heading for maternity leave for months.

“The first thought that came to mind was ‘Why me? Why now?’. It was hard to process and digest, especially the news that came after a positive performance review. As a PgM, my first instinct was to make a plan, but this is clearly one of the hardest projects I’ve ever handled because the timing is really bad,” Wong wrote on LinkedIn.

Another person shared how her sister was fired while she was on unpaid maternity leave, two days after giving birth.

“I’m furious for my other talented colleagues, worried for myself and very tired as I’m on maternity leave and struggling to deal with emotions other than ‘baby’,” said Emily St James who has was fired “after a long tenure”. at Vox.

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