Is COVID-19 known to cancel a hotel or Airbnb booking? The bus is not necessarily light

The reality is that recovering money can be very simple, complicated because company rules vary. Goodwill – too.


Landlord tenants can decide for themselves what their refund policy is – it ranges from flexible to super strict.

However, the company announced a new policy on the spread of COVID-19. The mitigation policy includes cases where travelers or future hosts want to cancel reservations due to a coronavirus. If the site recognizes that the traveler is traveling to or from other affected regions, it will be offered to offer to cancel bookings and get a refund.

True, so far this only applies to China, Italy and South Korea. However, even if you do not need to contact this country, take the opportunity to cancel the order free of charge can succeed. Airbnb points out that circumstances may also exist in cases where the cancellation of the journey is necessary in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities or if the transport is canceled due to COVID-19. Anyone diagnosed with a coronavirus will also get their money back.


The cancellation policy depends on each hotel or network they belong to. Some networks, such as Marriott or InterContinental, allow ads to be canceled free of charge for incoming and outgoing areas.

In each case, you need to read your hotel ad information about whether to apply for your reservation in person. Lithuanians share their experiences in the groups of the group – single hotels agreed to return the money, others answered in the negative.

A whole lot of hotels advertise that the cancellation policy for COVID-19 is only valid if the room is booked directly through the hotel.


Many travelers are finding it easier to use hotel booking systems such as Booking or Expedia. In this case, it is no longer necessary to contact the hotel, but the website itself.

“Reservation” on March 10. declared COVID-19 to be a force majeure force. This means that orders can be canceled with a refund. However, this policy applies to travelers to / from China, Italy and South Korea.

Again, other cases can be recognized as granted the right to a refund – for example, when the traveler does not have the opportunity to enter and so on. It is noted that due to the significant increase in the number of requests, Booking customers may have to wait longer for a response.


If you want travel insurance, it can help, but not necessarily. In each case, you need to read the terms of your contract or contact the company. Standard insurance can and cannot be in this case.

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