Is Michigan preparing to oust the Robin as a state bird?

For nearly a century, the American Robin has been Michigan’s state bird, but that may soon change thanks to a group of Michigan lawmakers in Lansing.

Why the change?

Although the Robin has been Mitten’s official state bird since 1931, lawmakers think it’s time to honor the Kirtland’s Warbler, a bird found almost exclusively in Michigan. The Kirtland’s warbler has recovered from almost certain extinction since it was listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in 1967.

State Rep. Greg Markkanen is behind the House bill that would name the Kirtland’s warbler Michigan’s official state bird.

“Fifty years back from near extinction is an incredible story and I think it’s really to honor the efforts of federal and state biologists and all private citizens who have contributed to help bring back this bird,” Markkanen said.

Some are opposed to the move

Markkanen tells Grand Rapids TV channel WOOD-TV that there is some opposition to the movement. He says he doesn’t like blackbirds but points out that they are much more common than the Kirtland warbler. He says Robins are common across the United States and notes that they are the state birds of Wisconsin and Connecticut.

Bill’s next step

Markkanen’s bill has gone through committee and he hopes it will soon be considered by the House and Senate. The bill has the support of Republicans and Democrats in Michigan.

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