Is this the best Airbnb review ever?

“Forget what your date bio says … what did your last Airbnb host say about you?” “

There is a lot to be learned from a person’s Airbnb account. From their manners to their hygienic standards – the hosts have a window into the lives of their guests, which you wouldn’t normally see from a stranger.

Woman from Alaska, USA received a very heartwarming experience feedback from a recent Airbnb host, triggering an online discussion about the reviews on the platform.

Jo-Anna Daly, who lives in Anchorage, shared the review on Twitter where users gushed about the adorable post.

“What can I say she was like family, I wish she was my daughter!” Her host, Kathleen Brennan, said in her comments, “her mom must be so proud!” … I told her I wanted an invitation to her wedding if she got married, but I don’t know if there is a man like her!

Incredibly, this review is based on a simple 36 hour stay.

“I took a quick trip to Fairbanks and the North Pole – I was in the Christmas spirit,” Jo-Anna told Euronews Travel. “I stayed at Kathleen’s B&B and wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never stayed with a host before. But she was lovely, chatty and made a great breakfast!”

The couple realized that they also had a similar background. “We understood that we both came from Irish families in the Bronx [in New York], and we really connected, ”adds Jo-Anna.

Kathleen’s property is in Fairbanks, a subarctic city in central Alaska. The place is highly rated on Airbnb, especially for Kathleen’s hosting skills and warm hospitality.

The description of her home has also caught the attention of Twitter users, where Kathleen talks about the moose that regularly visit her backyard.

Even Brian Chesky, CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, was overwhelmed by the kindness of Kathleen’s comments, as he shared them in his own Twitter feed.

From adoption request to actual commitment

But Jo-Anna wasn’t the only one to share a charming host story. As her tweet reached nearly half a million likes in just under a day, other users began posting their equally charming Airbnb reviews from hosts.

Some hosts have asked to adopt their recent hosts.

While others remembered the good times spent together.

And there were guests who were clearly the favorites.

While there were, of course, less than stellar reviews shared equally – one post stood out as the most heartwarming story of all. Angie Lucas, who lives in Florida, US, explained how she is now engaged to her “one and only Airbnb host.”

As tourism continues to be constrained around the world by the coronavirus pandemic, the thread is a truly charming reminder of how weird and wonderful travel can sometimes be.

If you want to see more, we’ve rounded up our highlights in a Twitter moment above.

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