Israeli shares his knowledge of technopreneurariat in the Promised Land

With an area of ​​22,145 square kilometers or almost the same size as the state of New Jersey, Israel has made its presence felt on the world stage in several fields such as the arts, science, technology, agriculture, l innovation and entrepreneurship, among others.

In the field of entrepreneurship, Israel is undoubtedly a power with more than 6,000 start-ups present in the country of Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot, Golda Meir and yes, Jesus Christ. Thus, it earned the nickname of “start-up nation”.

According to Israeli technopreneur and founder of Synthesis, Inbal Arieli, Israel has the highest density of start-ups per population in the world with 1 in more than 1,400 per population. In addition, Arieli pointed out that start-ups operate in diverse sectors such as water, agriculture, irrigation, desalination, cybersecurity and financial technology (fintech).

During a recent webinar hosted by the Israel Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ICCP), Arieli said that a major factor in the success of Israeli start-ups is the presence of “oxygen” or funding for growth. and innovation. In 2020 alone, Arieli said, more than $ 20 billion was invested in venture capital, the highest in the world. The result was a huge success as Israel produced numerous unicorns listed in the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities.

In 2021 alone, Israel produced 65 out of just 18 unicorns in 2019.

“These unicorns create markets overseas and serve as bridges between Israel and the global community,” said Arieli, who honed his entrepreneurial skills during his compulsory military service, as a lieutenant in the Corps’s 8200 unit. elite intelligence from the Israel Defense Forces.

CBInsights defines a unicorn business as a private business with a valuation of over $ 1 billion. In November 2021, the company said there were more than 800 unicorns in the world. Popular old unicorns include Airbnb, Facebook, and Google.


Arieli highlighted the important role of chutzpah (pronounced as hutz pah) in developing an entrepreneurial mindset among Israelis from the age of four. At this young age, Arieli emphasized that Israeli culture encourages risk-taking and entrepreneurship. It is combined with skills acquired through education and education as part of the country’s supporting infrastructure.

An inherent characteristic of chutzpah, which means daring in English, is to embrace uncertainty. He teaches entrepreneurs to be agile and not to be afraid of failure. Arieli said Israeli start-ups are encouraged to ask questions, critique and collaborate.

Part of being bold is embracing a Yihye Beseder mindset that connotes optimism.

As a technopreneur, the main responsibility of Arieli and her co-mentors is to overcome the challenges and uncertainties to make things better are the starting points for chutzpah.

She said one entrepreneur is usually not superior to another. “We share the same muscles in our body, but we have different skill-based environments. I think it should vary from place to place, ”Arieli said.

Arieli said the chutzpah matches the gung-ho attitude of millennials and Gen Z.

“I think this is a positive development and it gives them the agility to make decisions in chaotic situations,” she said.

After completing her military duties and over the past 20 years, she has held leadership positions in Israel’s flourishing tech industry and founded a series of programs for innovators, where she currently sits on the board.

Among his most popular speeches are Chutzpah: Skills for the Future, From Special Forces to the Board Room and The Secrets of Successful Interviewers.

Arieli holds an LL.B. in Law, BA in Economics and MBA, all from Tel Aviv University. A force to be reckoned with, she has been touted as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Israeli Tech and as one of the Top 100 Tech Business Women in the World.

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