“It was attempted murder” – Angler says thug told him “I’m going to drown you” as he twice threw him into the sea above a row of dogs

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Fisherman Steven Raeburn wants to know why Anthony Kearney was not charged with attempted murder for the attack on the Granton Harbor breakwater in July 2019.

Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court heard on Tuesday that Kearney, 56, grabbed Mr Raeburn by the shirt and threw him over rocks in the rough waters of the Firth of Forth. He thought Mr. Raeburn had kicked his Golden Retriever and reacted violently.

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Anthony Kearney outside the Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court.

The fisherman denied kicking the dog and said he was simply preventing the animal from looting its bag of fish.

Mr Raeburn insists he just used his leg to pull the dog away from the bag – and says he caught some fish for the dog to sniff.

Sheriff Frank Crowe said the attack was a “grossly disproportionate reaction” and ordered Kearney to pay Mr Raeburn £ 1,000 in compensation after admitting to the assault.

But after the conviction, Mr Raeburn told the Edinburgh Evening News: “I want to know why this thug was not charged with attempted murder because that was what it was – he wanted me dead. I can. understand the hot moment, but he put me in the water twice.

“The first time he was furious and screaming, but the second time he and his friend walked away and were shocked when I pulled back. You could see the astonishment in their eyes. They couldn’t believe I was. ‘was out.

“He walked up to me and yelled several times ‘I’m going to drown you’ before pulling me up and getting into the water head first. It showed intent. It was attempted murder – there is no argument against it.

“I just can’t understand the charge and its supposed punishment is to pay me £ 1,000 in compensation. My phone is under a £ 28 per month contract and has been kept by the police for 20 months so the so-called compensation is an insult. “

Mr Raeburn continued, “It changed my life. I don’t sleep. I know he wanted me dead. One of them took the time to take off his jacket and fold it carefully before I did. Don’t be in the water the first time. They were picking up the jacket when I reappeared and they just picked me up a second time.

“Kearney was churning out the names of gangsters and criminals he knew from prison and said he wasn’t afraid to go to jail. He knew what he was doing. The man is just one. thug.

“It’s not fair. I don’t know how I survived the first time, but the second time my head hit something solid. I could have been knocked out and drowned and I just can’t accept his so-called punishment. “

Anthony Kearney was found near Alicante, Spain in 2008 following a Crime Stoppers call that featured him and his partner Donna McCafferty on the ‘most wanted’ list from Great Britain. The list also published various false names that they were suspected of using.

They fled after the opening of a money laundering investigation against them in 2004, but were trapped by the authorities following a report.

The couple have admitted to defrauding benefits by claiming housing benefits despite having more than £ 330,000 in offshore accounts. In January 2010 at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Kearney was jailed for two years and three months and McCafferty was given 250 hours of community service.

Kearney has also claimed almost £ 23,000 in income support and pocketed more than £ 10,000 from credit card fraud.

In 2014, Kearney was the criminal with the biggest unpaid bill for proceeds of crime at just under £ 900,000.

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