Italy 1, Cruise ships 0. Rome moves to ban cruise ships in Venice.

ROME – Italy has suspended the passage of large cruise ships in the historic center of Venice, after the return of giant ships to the lagoon city since June has reopened divisions between the tourist industry of Venice and residents who wish to l ban on mastodons.

The Italian government decided on Tuesday to prevent large cruise ships from approaching the canals and squares of Venice until new mooring sites are built on the edges of the lagoon. Campaigners against large cruise ships have argued for decades that ships, and the waves and pollution they cause, damage the delicate fabric of Venice.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet decision, for now, resolves a long-standing dispute over lucrative cruise ship traffic that has helped keep Venice’s economy afloat but has infuriated many locals.

The reopening of Venice to tourism after last year’s Covid-19 restrictions has exacerbated a conflict between local businesses that depend on tourism and residents who want to avoid a return of overcrowding and environmental stresses on the city and its surroundings. surrounding lagoon.

The increasingly intense maritime traffic of recent years has provoked a growing backlash in Venice, where many say the heavy wakes of large ships are eroding the fragile foundations of historic waterfront buildings.

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