It’s Your Airbnb Dream, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Of course, we all know, in general, what we like and dislike when it comes to Airbnbs. Treehouses aren’t for everyone, location is most important to many, and some just want the deepest tub possible to sink into. But with so many options available β€” some cities have more Airbnb rentals available than real estate openings β€” it’s best to narrow down your desires as much as possible.

One way to do this is to consider your zodiac sign. Whether or not you live from your daily life co-star reading, having an astrologer on speed dial, or not knowing which of the 12 signs you are, it’s an intriguing method to visualize your perfect getaway. To better understand which design elements would suit each sun sign best, we connected with Jessica Lanyadoohost of an astrology advice podcast ghost of a podcast and author of Astrology for real relationships.

“When it comes to choosing a space based on a sun sign, we can fall into stereotypes very easily,” says Lanyadoo. “But the truth is that when we choose something like a vacation – which many of us have to trim, save and plan – it should be life affirming and nurturing. I think a lot of people do things that they think are people are supposed to enjoy, rather than things they actually enjoy. Capricorn, you work your buns. Want to go into the woods? Do it! Pisces, you want to live in a hobbit house? Everyone knows about you, so go ahead.

Ahead, Lanyadoo breaks down the things every sign should look for in a rental, and we’ve found a potential new favorite to get your search started.

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