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MEMPHIS, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – Just off Town Square in Memphis, Texas is a piece of the past: the historic Hall County Jail.

This old pokey has a much different goal than it did 106 years ago. The big house is nothing more than that, a big house!

Camie Holland is a real estate agent for Chad Holland Real Estate who was tasked with selling the prison and says it’s one of the most unique properties she’s seen.

“Obviously, it was built like the prison. I have known this for many years. It was Boy Scout Hall. And a local man told me about it. It was a boutique for a while, ”Holland said. “So there was a lady who came and turned it into a shop. She was the one who did the majority of the painting and the stenciling on the walls and the murals and everything there. And she had her shop for quite a while, then it closed and emptied out until Buddy and Alice bought it.

According to Holland, the owners had a vision.

“They were looking for a place to live, and it was vacant and they thought it would become a really nice house,” Holland said. “They just thought it was in a very unique building.”

The house still has many unique prison-themed features, such as the keys belonging to the old prison cells, which are still the doors to the upstairs bedrooms. There’s a safe in the wall, which Holland says no one has the key to, and its contents are a mystery.

There is also the former Sheriff’s House on the property, and it too has been given a facelift. And if the in-laws come, there is always room in the hut.

“We’ve probably shown it maybe two, three dozen times,” Holland said. “The sound just because they wanted to see it, others because they were interested.”

Holland said some of the challenges of selling property are more gruesome.

“With that it is a prison and that people risk dying here. I think the biggest fear a lot of people have is buying it, living in it and having ghosts on the property, ”Holland said.

But that didn’t stop a family from starting the buying process.

“We have a buyer. They are a family from Washington State. And they’re going to turn it into Airbnb, ”Holland said.

And news travels fast. Their first guest is rightly a bandit himself.

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