Jockeys Mark Zahra, Ben Melham and Ethan Brown appeal three-month bans for Airbnb party

Defense attorney Tony Hannebery said his client, Mark Zahra, was simply seeking “a fair hearing” at the Victoria Racing Court after filing an appeal against a three-month ban for attending an Airbnb party illegal in Mornington.

Hannebery, who hired attorney Patrick Wheelahan, QC, to handle Zahra’s defense, declined to say what suspension his client would request in an attempt to mitigate the severity of the three-month ban imposed by the stewards on Saturday evening.

Jockey Mark Zahra is appealing his three-month suspension.Credit:Getty Images

“A fair hearing is all we want,” Hannebery said Age, before declining to comment further.

Zahra, Ben Melham and Ethan Brown have each appealed, with trial hearings scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Thursday at the Victorian Racing Tribunal.

Melham and Brown have requested separate legal representation, with their cases to be handled by Matthew Stirling.


Documents filed with the court for their appeals do not detail the jockeys’ claims. While the trio could see their bans removed on appeal, they also run the risk of having their suspensions extended.

Jamie Kah, who is represented by attorney Damien Sheales, will not fight the three-month ban. Céline Gaudray also chose not to appeal.

The five runners will also face court on Thursday over Monday’s charges of allegedly providing false or misleading evidence to flight attendants during their investigations into those at Mornington Airbnb. They too will only be hearings of instruction.

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