John Cleese and Airbnb call for a truce

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John Cleese took action and maybe got a better deal.

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Earlier this week, the famous actor / writer complained on Twitter about the service he received from Airbnb for his reservation of a house in Huntsville where he would stay during the filming of the movie Cut the Painter with his daughter Camilla. Cleese and Corner Gas star Eric. Peterson.

Airbnb has since identified the attempted reservation made by the people of Cleese, telling The Sun that although there was a “slight misunderstanding” and that they have “been in contact with Mr. Cleese’s team to clarify ” the problem.

“We are truly honored that a legend like Mr. Cleese is interested in booking an Airbnb listing,” the online accommodation market said in a statement.

Regarding the actor’s reservation, they said, “Mr. Cleese’s team requested to reserve a house through Airbnb, but the reservation was never actually accepted by the host.

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Airbnb says that when these cases occur, the refunds are automatic.

“We have been in contact with his team throughout the day to provide support and help clarify the situation, in addition to a coupon for their next booking due to this inconvenience,” Airbnb said.

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“Wherever he stays, we hope Mr. Cleese and his team have an incredible experience in the beautiful Muskoka region.

After Cleese’s tweet went viral (at least in Ontario), residents of Huntsville and surrounding areas did their best to come up with suggestions for alternative accommodation – which he appreciated.

It is not known if the comedy legend will cash his coupon for an Airbnb stay or if he found a place thanks to all the Ontarians who donate their homes.

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