Join AirDNA, Urbain, ABAL + Urban Butler for the RockSTRz webinar

Around the world: ShortTermRentalz’s RockSTRz webinar series resumes this Tuesday, September 28 [4pm BST] with a session on “Meet the property managers: will urban tourism come back?.

The webinar, sponsored by the series sponsor Flywire and sponsor of the session NoiseAware, will focus on everything from the trends seen by managers to short-term urban rentals that will keep travelers coming back to town, the technology and automation used to streamline the elements of property management, tips for attracting and meeting the needs of digital nomads and forecasting the future of business travel and industry event attendees.

STRz host and editor Paul Stevens will be another panel of experts, including:

You can now register for this week’s webinar at the link HERE.

RockSTRz’s next series will also address a number of relevant and pressing topics in the global short-term vacation rental industry. To be considered a participant in the RockSTRz 2021 Series, please contact [email protected].

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