Just in time for Halloween: see 10 of the spookiest houses in the world

STATEN ISLAND NY – It’s October, which means you’ve probably been watching horror movies all month. One of many scary movies from Sinister to Insidious to Coraline.

Most horror movies that take place in a house follow a similar plot. The family move into a house where a murder took place years ago, the house was on a budget so they bought it and they are happy until strange things start to happen. The dog barks at an empty door, the youngest child makes an imaginary friend in the attic, the mother begins to go mad, and the husband does not believe her. All of this until the final event where the father kills the whole family and then he and the house are put on sale again and the film ends with a new family moving in.

Maybe you thought about what it would be like if you were the new family moving in at the end of the movie. Well, you could be. Buy the place or rent the Airbnb for a few nights to test it out and see if you can make it through the night.

According to Toptenrealestatedeals.com, these are the 10 best haunted houses for sale.

Amityville Horror House (Top Ten Real Estate Deals)

Amityville Horror House

Much like the typical horror movie plot, the real Amityville horror house was for sale in 2016 with a price cut from $ 1.15 million to $ 850,000.

Years before, in 1974, Ronald DeFeo was living in the New York home where he had murdered his parents and four siblings with a gun in the middle of the night while they were sleeping. A year later, the Lutz family moved in but soon left the house after experiencing paranormal activity in the house.

After years of extensive renovations, the home sold in 2017 for just $ 605,000, and the people who bought the home are still the current residents.

Want to live out your Ryan Reynolds-Amityville horror dreams? Keep an eye out for this location to see how long current residents can live with their ghostly roommates.

tottenham mansion

Loftus Hall (Top ten real estate deals)

Tottenham Irish Mansion

Do you have a large family? Well this is the house for you. This large, beautiful and spacious mansion was built in 1350 and has 22 rooms on the 63-acre property. For sale for $ 2 million, the house still has the door the devil entered through the 1700s.

According to Legend, in 1775, a man knocked on the door of the family home in Tottenham looking for shelter from the storm. This handsome and dark stranger was greeted and spent a few days in the house where the family’s daughter, Lady Anne Tottenham, fell in love with him.

One night, it is said that while playing cards, Lady Anne dropped one, and when she bent down to pick it up, she noticed that the stranger had split hooves for his feet. She screamed and the Devil flew through the roof in a ball of flame.

Lady Anne went mad in the mansion, her family locked her in the Loftus Hall tapestries room where she died a few years later. Some say her ghost still haunts the mansion, with reports that Lady Anne wanders at night.


Buffalo Bill’s Princess Anne House (Top Ten Real Estate Deals)

The Silence of the Lambs Home

On Halloween 2020, Princess Anne’s house where Buffalo Bill lived in The Silence of the Lambs was sold for $ 290,000.

In Perryopolis, Pa., The four-bedroom, one-bathroom home is where Buffalo Bill murdered and skinned women to make a woman’s costume.

You won’t be investigating serial murders like Jodie Foster, but you can investigate the inground pool and pool house that the house also includes, for $ 595 a night.

black Dahlia

Black Dahlia Murder House (Top Ten Real Estate Deals)

Black Dahlia Murder House

Even if you’re not a horror fanatic, you’ve probably heard of Hollywood’s most famous Killings of black dahlias.

In 1947, the house housed Doctor George Hodel of Los Angeles, suspected of being involved in the murder and dismemberment of Elizabeth Short. Betty Bersinger was pushing her daughter in a stroller in Leimert Park when she found Short’s naked body cut in half with slices on either side of her mouth.

Dr Hodel’s involvement was only rumored as he was the only surgeon in the area at the time and the mutilation of his body could only have been done by a qualified surgeon. The doctor’s son, a retired detective, had claimed his father was the one who killed Elizabeth Short in his basement.

The house has passed through many owners over the years until the designer Xorin balbes renovated the house in 2001 after buying it for $ 1.2 million.

The house went on sale again in 2018 for $ 4.7 million and has since been the location of several movies and TV shows.

the ten best real estate

Sultans House (Top ten real estate deals)

Haunted Mansion Gardette-Le Pretre

Built in the 1830s, this beautiful French Quarter-style house in New Orleans was once home to the Sultan.

The home is complete with nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, located just one block from Bourbon Street. According to local accounts, neighbors walking past the house saw blood under the front door. When the police arrived, they discovered that everyone in the house had been brutally murdered with swords. There was speculation that the murderer was the brother of the Sultan, who beat and buried the Sultan alive in the backyard for having his fortune and his wives stolen.

The house was the last on the market for $ 2.65 million and was sold in 2013 for $ 2 million.

house of a thousand islands

Manoir des Mille-Îles (The ten best real estate offers)

Carleton Manor

Built in 1895, the Thousand Islands Manor briefly housed a businessman William O. Wyckoff, died of a heart attack on his first night in the house.

Over the years, the 11-bed, 6.9-acre, three-waterfront home was owned by few people and has not been inhabited since 1927.

The property has been on and off the market for years at $ 495,000. This does not include the amount of money that should be spent on renovating the entire mansion. During WWII, contractors were allowed to come in and take whatever they wanted, which is why the photos on the listing will show that there are no windows or doors on the entire house.

magnolia mansion

Magnolia Mansion (Top ten real estate deals)

Magnolia Manor

Although this mansion is not for sale, it is at your disposal, as its owners have transformed it into a guest room.

The property was sold for $ 3 million and included 13 rooms and friendly ghosts. The mansion is a spooky attraction for anyone who wants to spend the night with ghosts who have been reported to tease you by moving items during the night. Harmlessly fun, with quality care, there have also been reports of a ghost maid who will comfortably tuck you in to sleep at night.

curved bar colorado

Curved Colorado Ghost Town Bar That Served Prohibited Alcohol (Top Ten Real Estate Deals)

Colorado ghost town

For a small prize of $ 1 million, you could be the boss of your own ghost town.

This is a reduced price, the city was previously priced at $ 2 million in 2014 after two Boston sisters restored the place which includes a train depot, dance hall, lounge and a Chapel.

Located in Uptop, Colorado, the “Railroad Above the Clouds” was once a big tourist attraction. The railway ran from the La Veta Pass to Uptop. Traders used the location to accommodate its passengers and as for entertainment, a dance hall and lounge were built. In 1930, logging companies also built a chapel in the city. The city was once a hotspot for miners, railway workers and loggers, where they spent their time at the curved bar that served prohibited alcohol.

Spooky mansion

Robbie Williams Spooky Home (Top Ten Real Estate Deals)

The Scary House of Robbie Williams

In 2009, British musician Robbie Williams and his wife, American actress, Ayda, bought the house for $ 11 million.

A year later, the Compton Bassett House in Wiltshire, England was back on the market. While living in the house, Williams felt a supernatural unease. He first felt it in his daughter’s bedroom, and soon after moved her to another. After feeling scary spirits all over the house, it was relisted.

The mansion is currently for sale, for a reduced price of $ 9.2 million.

rock house

Boulder Homes (Top 10 Real Estate Deals)

Arizona Rock House

The beautiful rock house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a massive fireplace. While a young couple lived there, they discovered a unique light that occurs on both the spring and fall equinoxes. It is six inches wide, starts between two rocks and crosses the ground and goes up the wall to a 36 inch spiral rock sculpture. When the sun hits this sculpture, the stone lights up like diamonds.

It is said that the light was there long before the people of the rocks began to live there, around the same time that humans first appeared on earth. Some believe it is a signal to the beings in space that will guide the spaceships to Arizona.

After being on the market for $ 4.2 million, the house sold for $ 5 million.

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