Justin Trudeau visited an Ontario brewery yesterday (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Flying Monkeys craft brewery in Barrie and mingled with locals.

Andrea Chiodo, creative vice president of the Flying Monkeys craft brewery, told Narcity Trudeau dropped by around 3:30 p.m. on August 17 and stayed for about an hour.

“I think a word I would describe him for is genuine. He’s the kind of guy who – well, handshakes have been replaced by nudges but he looks you in the eye, he asks. everyone their names, and he seems to really remember them. And he’s very charismatic and he’s a really nice person. He’s obviously made for politics, “says Chiodo.

Trudeau called an early election on August 15, so he’s already in campaign mode and on the trail for the next election. Chiodo says she was so excited when she found out Trudeau would be visiting their brewery again.

“We learned late Saturday night and Sunday that we had received a visit from his team. He visited our brewery once in 2019. Perhaps that is why we were chosen again,” he said. she declared.

“You know, when you get a call saying that the leader of your great and beautiful country is coming to visit your hometown, all you can do is say, ‘Let’s do our best to show hospitality and class and enjoy the visit. ‘”

Chiodo says her husband Peter Chiodo, the founder and president of the brewery, was especially excited to show Trudeau their new packaging lines.

“They walked in and he showed him our new robot to help us load and unload pallets and the line was working and they both pulled out one of our fresh off line IPAs, opened the can and had had a beer together. “

Chiodo says her husband and Trudeau drank one of their most popular beers “Juicy A ** IPA” (rhymes with sassy.)

“He wasn’t too excited about that one,” she said.

Chiodo says he visited a lot of customers, toast and was a “really nice” guy.

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