Kaley Cuoco staged her own ‘intervention’ on the flight attendant set

Kaley Cuoco in The stewardess (Photo: Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max)

For Kaley Cuoco, filming The stewardess Season 2 was “one of the most difficult years of [her] life.”

In a new interview with VarietyCuoco opened up about his personal struggles and revealed how they played out onscreen.

“It was my first time starting therapy – I was very open about it,” Cuoco said. “I started at the start of season 2, just because I was going through so much right before I started filming. It was horrible. And I developed a stress rash that went all over my body for three consecutive months who wouldn’t I literally had my leg on fire for three months I could barely walk.

During the filming of season 2 of The stewardess, Cuoco was in the process of divorcing Karl Cook. “It was really a super dark time,” she said.

“zosia [Mamet], my co-star, moved in with me,” Cuoco added. “I really needed someone with me. I was really losing my mind. And then so many of those scenes were so hard to do because they were so hateful and so sad and so dark, and there wasn’t a lot of levity there.”

Mamet was staying at an AirBnb at the time, and when it passed, Cuoco invited her to his home. “It was the greatest loneliness I’ve ever felt, and I’m not really someone to share that,” the actress said.

Cuoco also described staging an “intervention” for herself.

“A month later, I had an intervention on myself in my trailer — all of my producers were in there,” she said. “And I said, ‘I need help.’ It was interesting to say it out loud. And everyone be like, “Yeah, we want to help!” I’m a working woman, and so independent, and I’m really proud that I can do anything. Well , this time, I literally couldn’t.”

Cuoco continued, “I was throwing myself into work to deny my depression and how upset I was. Unfortunately, the character was so depressed he wasn’t helping me! I was really, really, really struggling. Lots of tears.”

She described filming for Season 2, Episode 5, during which director Pete Chapman asked her how she wanted to shoot a moving scene that takes place on the beach. She asked him if he could put some cameras on the beach “and just start rolling”.

“And for two hours I just cried,” Cuoco said. “Like, I screamed, I cried, I sat there, I was silent. I lay down, I stood up. I mean, it was amazing. Who has this opportunity?”

For many of the more emotional scenes, Cuoco said, she knew she would be “a mess.”

“Like even reading it was, like, oh my God — I couldn’t even read the lines,” she said of a scene she filmed with Sharon Stone. “Because I would cry for hours. I was so connected to that, and obviously I had to deal with so many things.”

Cuoco added, “The trauma I was going through probably helped whatever I had to do for this season. Did I want that to happen? Oh my God, no. Did I want that to happen? No. It was so mimicking life-art at times that it was weird. I really feel like the pain I was going through, a lot of it was real on camera. The scene where I was broke up with Marco – I mean, I couldn’t breathe. I just went into the bathroom, and I literally thought I was going to have a panic attack. Not that what happened to them happened to us That’s not what I’m saying. It was just the whole idea of ​​the breakup, and saying the words.”

Today, however, Cuoco feels “so much better,” she said, adding, “Everyone kept saying there would be light at the end of this tunnel, and I don’t I didn’t believe it until it happened. And now I can tell other people who are having the worst years of their lives: it’s going to get better.”

The stewardess is available to stream on HBO Max.

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