Kevin Hart presents his new ‘Hart to Heart’ talk show, exclusively on Peacock

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Hart’s last attempt on camera

As if Kevin hart (‘Ride Along’, ‘Fatherhood’) doesn’t already have enough on his plate: actor, standing comedy and most recently Olympic commentator for NBC’s Streaming service, peacock, he has just added a new talent to his plate: the talk show host. In what has been described as an unplanned, unscripted and unfiltered talk show, Hart sits down with famous guests in his wine cellar while opening up the careers of these people, how they overcame major obstacles and their journey to success on his most recent series ‘Hart to Heart’ exclusively for Peacock. the streaming service summarizes the show with “Renowned artists, athletes and public figures reveal their honest, unfiltered and unexpected true selves over a glass of wine with Kevin Hart; no subject is off limits as the guests open up about careers, family, loss and love.

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Her first three guests are award-winning singer and actress Miley Cyrus, Marvel fan favorite Don Cheadle, and the original winner of “American Idol”. Miley Cyrus spoke about her emerging career and how she overcame the stress of stardom at a young age. Hart sits down with longtime friend and fellow actor Don Cheadle to discuss his aspirations to become a jazz musician and how the entertainment industry has evolved since he started performing. Kelly clarkson discusses in candid conversation how to balance an artist’s personality on stage versus off stage and how to professionally manage her career as a young woman. The rest of his guests are unknown at the moment and are announced weekly.

Hart’s Long List Repertoire

The name Kevin Hart is a staple in Hollywood comedy culture. His reputation as a comedian continues to grow as he delivers hilarious performances in some of comedy’s most memorable films. He worked alongside the Hollywood elite as Will ferrell (‘Elf’), Jack Black (‘School of Rock’), Dwayne johnsonJungle cruise‘, Kevin Jeong (‘Crazy Rich Asians‘), and Ice Cube (“Are we there yet”). Hart can not only prove his talent in front of the camera, but also behind. Hart has been a screenwriter and executive producer on many of his own projects and has associated his name with projects he doesn’t even star in, so adding a talk show host to his repertoire just seemed like the perfect decision.

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He spoke in an interview for Deployment on his new venture, “There’s something powerful that happens when two people sit down together for a conversation, and ‘Hart to Heart’ is all about capturing that magic. I couldn’t be more excited to see the next chapter of Laugh Out Loud’s partnership with Peacock come to life with this show, and for audiences to see my guests in a way they’ve never seen them before; it is a real and authentic dialogue around a glass of wine.

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‘Hart to Heart’: Breaking down the first episode

Lucky for me, the very first episode of Hart’s latest talk show features her first guest celebrity, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actress, none other than Miley Cyrus (“Hannah Montana”, “Black Mirror” ). In the first few minutes, Hart gets to work explaining to Cyrus exactly what she is for. “I like taking a big risk and doing what really hasn’t been done. Right? The talk shows normally, we go on, we know what’s going to happen. We know the questions they are going to ask you, we know the world of conversation. We know what it’s going to be. I’m taking a risk!

Hart exclaims, “I don’t want to speak before. I want to meet people and get to know people. It is what it is. We are the first to have a conversation. My favorite part of this talk show is that there is no audience, no fake laughs, no live band to fill in awkward silences and no pot-beating. The whole interview centers around one guest and one guest only, and they’re not always there to promote a project or a new album, but just to talk about their journey to where they are at now. It’s a new take on what is generally a highly regulated process. Hart does a fantastic job humanizing some of the most celebrities of our time by starting those conversations early on and how his guest’s career came full circle.

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He gets to work congratulating Miley on her success. Her celebrity origin story began with disney channel (actually where I fell in love with her) when she booked the famous role of Hannah Montana at the age of 12. Cyrus begged his mother to audition with them and instead of taking the plane, Miley, her mother and grandmother piled into a car and drove across the country for California for hearing. Miley was the only one of her friends to be called back, and although the whole audition process from start to finish took almost 2 years, she eventually landed the job that would change her life.

Brand new episodes of ‘Hart to Heart’ drop in bundles every Thursday. Guests for each episode are unknown until the week before their release. Hart is the perfect host and isn’t afraid to ask questions. He intervenes here and there on topics or stories to which he relates, while also sharing his own anecdotes from his own successful career. Hart’s curiosity and expert knack for speaking to a wide range of people is what makes this series more than just an everyday talk show. I strongly insist that this show is a must see.

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You can see Kevin Hart in the upcoming movie “The Man from Toronto” where he stars alongside Kaley cuoco and Ellen Barkin in a film where the deadliest assassin and a dud merge in an Airbnb. It can also be seen in the next TV mini-series currently in ‘True Story’ post-production.

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