Keys Please now offers a rental guarantee for your furnished property

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 11, 2021 ( – Keys Please now offers a rental guarantee for your furnished property

Along with the growing demand for mid to high end short term / vacation rentals, the number of service providers in this space is also increasing day by day. If you own a high-end furnished property and are exploring your options for partnering with a vacation home business, the assurance that you have guaranteed rentals can help you make decisions easier. This is exactly what ‘Keys Please’, the vacation home rental company licensed by (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) DTCM, currently offers its partners.

With its long-standing presence in the market, keys Please has a pool of potential tenants looking for furnished properties in the best locations in Dubai, just as it has a wide range of vacation homes. This allows the company to immediately find tenants willing to pay the rent up front to landlords, which most other providers do not. In fact, this ability to match a pool of readily available short-term tenants and mid-range furnished properties is what makes Keys Please really stand out from the crowd.

Dubai property owners looking to benefit from the flexibility and 20-30% higher returns offered by short term rentals versus long term rentals should first make sure their properties are eligible. For example, if a landlord owns a well furnished property in some of the most desirable locations in Dubai, they are much closer to a wide range of tenants looking for the same. Even if the property is not well furnished, Key Please can help homeowners furnish it with taste, giving them a guaranteed source of income. Turnkey Airbnb management services in Dubai

Hasan Morcel, Founder of Keys Please, said: “With demand for short-term rentals set to increase further towards the end of 2021, more and more investors are acquiring properties only to convert them to short-term rentals. This trend that has been fueled by Covid is here to stay, thanks to the continued interest of landlords and tenants in more flexible rental options, not to mention the influx of expats arriving in the emirate as a result of the recent round of visas. reforms. While short-term rental existed as an alternative option in the pre-Covid era, it has now become a mainstream trend. “

“Usually, when a landlord partners with a vacation home business, you really don’t know how long they have to wait in line for the first tenant. Guests and owners have their own preferences these days and having a pool of short term rental properties and potential tenants allows us to instantly connect them based on their individual preferences, ”Morcel added. . Browse

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