“Kira and Logan in the Morning” ON DEMAND: Kira Turns 30 Again

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Good things: The good story came straight from Maine today. Warden, Jake Voter and his K9 partner Koda found an 11-year-old girl who went missing last Friday in Somerset County.

Well, two days later, a 77-year-old woman was also missing in Maine. Less than an hour after looking for her, Warden Voter and his sidekick Koda have succeeded again. Two missing persons found in three days – an unprecedented number. Bravo, Warden and Koda.

Famous People 411: Today is a sad day in Hollywood. Ray Liotta died last night in his sleep. He was only 67 years old. Best known for his role in Goodfellas, I will always remember him in Field of Dreams.

Ellen DeGeneres signed 19 years off her show in a very emotional way. She was joined by Jennifer Aniston and Billie Eilish. His last farewell was sad. Listen to him.

The most memorable birthdays: Since Kira turned 30 today, once again, we decided to ask you a birthday question: what was your most memorable birthday yet? Brooklyn called from Merrimack to tell us she’s been to wineries with her girlfriends. Later, they found themselves sledding on a golf course.

Dylan called me and said it was his birthday this week, and I played golf with him. I was golfing at Sagamore and two younger guys were behind me. They were also better than me. When we met at hole 7 and introduced ourselves, Dylan told me he was an avid listener. Well, today he called me to tell me that his most memorable birthday was when he met me on the golf course two days before. Thanks for making my day, Dylan.

Kira’s birthday party: Oh, our Kira. She’s the life of the party, but she wants you to be the recipient of her birthday presents. We’ll be at Bernie’s Beach Bar in Hampton, NH tonight from 4-6 p.m. Join us in celebrating and giving away Tim McGraw tickets every half hour.

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