“Kira and Logan” ON DEMAND: big man, small hands

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Famous People 411: The Celtics lost to San Francisco last night. If they lose one more match, they are eliminated! Thomas Rhett is considering taking his four daughters on the road with him. Walker Hayes offered a pearl of wisdom on this. He said: DON’T.

Viral TikTok: A woman named Gemma who is studying to become a midwife has posted a video describing all the helpful things significant others have done in the delivery room while their partner is giving birth. And then of course there’s the not-so-helpful stuff.

Favorite call: A woman said her husband fell asleep while she was in labor and threw a shoe at him. The nurse laughs.

I can’t beat Kira: What a game it was! Mark from Salem, NH celebrated his 36th birthday today! Now he can go home a HERO and tell his Mrs. he won tickets to see Morgan Wallen in Gilford, NH! (he didn’t beat or tie me up but we couldn’t leave him empty handed on such an important occasion!)

Second date update: Jenna was imitating Anthony because her hands were too small. Yes, you read that right. He has tiny girlish legs. He was outraged and said that in all his years of dating, he had never received these comments. Needless to say, there was no second date.

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