Larissa Dos Santos “done” with plastic surgery

90 day fiance alum Larissa Dos Santos Lima is no stranger to plastic surgery as she often documents her journey and recovery for her fans via social media. However, the former reality TV star says she’s “done” going under the knife.

“I want to enjoy my life now. I want to have a romantic time by the beach without worrying about how I look,” Larissa, 36, said during an Instagram Story Q&A on Friday. Sept. 23, after a fan asked if she was “going to have any more surgeries.” “So I’m done,” she added.

The Brazilian beauty went on to say that she was “pretty happy with the outcome of past surgeries”, although she sometimes wonders, “What if my waist was still as small as when I posed?”

“But, you know, it’s like madness because going under the knife to get smaller and smaller, when are you going to stop?” Larissa continued.

Prior to her decision to ditch cosmetic procedures, Larissa revealed in July that she had had a botched operation who left her without a navel.

“I would like to take the first step by slowly opening about a the plastic surgery i received is botched‘, the former reality TV star shared alongside a photo of her arm attached to an IV on July 15.

“I’m tired of being silent in my sadness of having nowhere to go to solve this problem,” she added before admitting that it had been a year since the poorly performed operation.

“I did 3 very painful revisions to create a belly button. Unfortunately, it was never fixed,” she continued after admitting that the botched enhancement led to her belly button being removed and eliminated. without [her] consent.”

Despite the trial-and-error procedure, Larissa opened up about the surgeries she underwent, including liposuction, breast augmentation, butt enhancements, and cheek, lip, and chin fillers.

“I’ve lost weight,” she shared in a June 2020 episode after getting a “Kimmy K makeover.” “I made buttocks to make it bigger. I did Botox. I did my nose. I did my lips. I did my cheekbones. I made my chin. I am a new woman and I feel very happy.

Larissa was first introduced to 90 day fiance fans as the series followed her international relationship with her ex-husband Colt Johnson. The couple married in June 2018, although the marriage was short-lived as they finalized their divorce the following April.

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