Larissa’s bloody toes in big high heels shock fans

Larissa Lima wore uncomfortable transparent high heels that severely injured her toes. After seeing her bloody toes, fans of 90 Day Fiancé felt bad for her.

Many 90 day fiancé fans are shocked to see Larissa Lima’s injured toes in her latest photoshoot. The Brazilian bombshell wears a sexy bikini with chunky high heels that badly bruised her toes. Generally, Larissa is popular to pay the price for beauty. Last year, for example, she shocked the 90 day fiancé fans by getting several plastic surgeries worth $ 72,000 to look like Kylie Jenner. While many 90 day fiancé fans didn’t think Larissa looked like the popular beauty mogul at all, she seemed happy with her cosmetic job.

Larissa Lima now works as an adult content designer, fashion influencer, and model in the United States. The 34-year-old beauty recently posted a stunning pic in an Egyptian goddess-style outfit. At the time, she wore gold-colored lingerie with several gold chains attached. She flaunted her curvaceous figure, which attracted many eyeballs. Even Larissa’s ex-mother-in-law Debbie Johnson couldn’t help but react to her sexy pic. Debbie complimented her former daughter-in-law and left some emojis.

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To get more attention from fans of 90 day fiancé, Larissa Lima has now split her other lingerie pic into a few smaller pieces. She posted 12 photos, which collectively show off her sultry avatar. One of the blocks offered a close-up of Larissa’s bloody feet and toes. She wears transparent high heels also called stripper shoes, which are usually made of PVC and acrylic resin. Such heels sometimes contain flashing lights or colored liquids. Larissa may have worn these heels for a long time, and maybe that’s why it cut her toes so badly.

A fan posted the photo on Reddit and said: “Why would Larissa do this to herself?“Other fans commented”Yikes, is beauty in pain? “” It sounds so painful! Ouch! “” She is terribly insecure. It’s sad.” and “The edges of clear plastic shoes are cut like knives! I feel for her.“Larissa may be in pain, but she is staring at the camera sternly as if nothing is bothering her in any way. Models usually have to endure such pain while walking the ramp or posing for longer photos. Eric Nichols liked all 12 shots. For some reason, however, Larissa turned off the comments section on this particular post.

Much like Larissa, Angela Deem is also showing off her slimmer physique on social media. Last year, she underwent a gastric sleeve and breast reduction / lift that helped her lose over 100 pounds. The 55-year-old meemaw is now glamorous with her stunning makeup and chic style. Since Angela has now transformed into a sexy meemaw, many viewers are convinced that she would divorce her husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Some 90 day fiancé fans also believe Angela is now planning to appear on Single life series to date a young American man.

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Source: Larissa Lima on Instagram, Reddit

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