Las Vegas-area families are renting out backyards to dog owners for extra income

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — If you’re looking to make some extra cash and have a fenced-in yard, a new service in the Las Vegas area will let you rent it out. It’s called Sniffspot and it’s like Airbnb for land allowing landlords to rent out their land for dogs to play on.

“I love dogs. Always loved dogs. I’ve had them since I was a little girl, so I’ve been in a ton of different dog Facebook groups,” Sniffspot host Breanna Baldridge said.

Sniffspot lets people rent out their land as private dog parks. Baldridge rents out his garden and swimming pool.

“They usually come to the garden alone, I give them instructions. We have a back door that they just bypass. It’s completely private, gated,” Baldridge said.

Baldridge said many people who live in apartments with dogs use the service. It is also an alternative for dogs that do not do well in dog parks. With Sniffspot, people can take their dog to a safe place that is only available to them.

“We have guests who come to have dog birthday parties and invite their families and dogs over,” Baldridge said.

Anyone with a yard or land can make money by letting dog owners rent their land by the hour. Registrations in the Vegas Valley range from $4 per hour to $25. Some Sniffspot hosts earn $2,000 and more per month, according to the company.

“During the summer months, we were able to make close to $600 a month,” Baldridge said.

Unlike other side gigs, Sniffspot doesn’t require any works, it’s just sharing land. Owners are required to stay with their pet and pick up after it.

“Not everyone has the luxury of having the pool with the dogs, so for us it’s really everyone enjoying the space,” Baldridge said.

Sniffspot reported that thousands of these private dog parks are now available for rent in hundreds of cities across the United States. Sniffspot requires all dogs to be vaccinated for owners to register.

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