LASD interrupts superspreader event initiated by AirBnb guest

Another weekend, another big underground party interrupted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department superspreader task force.

FOX 11 was here again as LASD MPs attacked the event on Saturday night. The crackdown came as stunned owners showed up to find their Airbnb guests had the party behind their backs in Ladera Heights.

“This is the LA County Sheriff’s Department. You have to walk out the front door with your hands up,” an assistant said on site via an intercom.

The superspreader event happened on Saturday evening and the LASD superspreader working group

“Everyone inside West 60th Street, the party is over,” the MP was heard over the intercom.

Dozens of revelers came out of the house and began to gather in front of the property, where LASD detained them and issued more than 60 citations in total.

Some were upset that the FOX 11 cameras were there.

“Don’t film me,” one of the revelers told FOX 11 crews.

One woman categorically refused to sign her citation.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” she told an assistant on the spot. “I showed up at a house where I was a guest.”

The woman was eventually handcuffed. MPs told FOX 11 that she finally signed her citation.

The owner and her husband later arrived at the scene, telling MPs that they had rented their house from a man in Texas. The Airbnb guest came over and claimed it was only supposed to be a gathering of 10 for his brother’s birthday.

MPs then asked the Airbnb guest about the strippers who were at the party.

“So who’s got all the strippers? This party has been going on for four to five hours,” the MP said.

“I haven’t invited any strippers,” the guest said. “The strippers came on their own.”

The response from the Airbnb guest was immediately ridiculed by the home couple.

“It appears to be an Airbnb transaction and the owner is a little upset because it specifically says ‘no more than 10 people.’ And obviously they’re having an event here with over 60 people,” said Lt. Walker. of LASD.

Airbnb released a statement to FOX 11 saying parties are banned and the company says it is cracking down.

“We have suspended the booking guest and turned off the listing while we investigate. We are banning parties and the behavior reported is unacceptable,” the statement said.

In August 2020, FOX 11 reported on a big house party hosted at a house in Glendora. It had been rented via Airbnb by a promoter who had announced the party on Instagram.

Airbnb has now sued this promoter, identified as Davonte Bell. Bell was banned from the Airbnb platform, but Airbnb accuses him of using other members’ accounts to book properties on his behalf.

Airbnb is asking him for punitive damages and asking for an injunction.

Airbnb told FOX 11 that it is also taking legal action against the promoters in Sacramento and Cincinnati. As for the LASD, its super-spreader working group has now detained and cited around 1,000 people during the celebrations.

MPs say their work during this ongoing pandemic will continue.

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