Last laugh: the raspberry saga ends in style

At breakfast on Tuesday October 19, when the Old Men of the Mountain gathered at the Country Café in Schoharie, OMOTM found out that the OMOTM Kindness Report that brought the raspberries to breakfast from last week has an interesting ending.

We must now revisit the raspberry saga. The OMOTM who brought the raspberries also brought bags to put them in so that the OFs could take them home.

This scribe noted on several occasions that many OFs carpool until breakfast. Last Tuesday was no different. A car left as usual after breakfast and drove home.

One of the OFs placed his raspberries in the bag provided so that he could easily carry his berries. The driving OMOTM said he would put his berries in the same bag because he would drop it last and they could both use the same bag.

The driver did his normal job and went to the home of the last rider and dropped him off. The last rider took his raspberries out of the bag and entered the house. The driver went home and took the remaining bag of berries home and put them in the refrigerator.

The OF woman went to get the raspberries at supper time to use them and said to the OF, “What is this? All we have are a few boxes of some kind of pet food, no raspberries! “

The OF said (whatever you thought) and told the story to the woman. That they thought it was funny is again (whatever you think).

Do you remember when leaving the restaurant the driver put his raspberries on those already in the bag? Putting down the jumper, the jumper took the berries on top. Guess who should have had the dog food. You are right.

Holiday treasure

There’s an OMOTM flying to its winter home in Florida on Monday. The OF mentioned that they had rented an Airbnb on the East Coast in Key West, or Sebastian, Fla., And that they were going to search for gold and collectibles in the wreck of the Nuestra Señora de. Atocha, who came down not far from Key West.

There is a museum in Key West, the Fisher Museum, which contains many artifacts from this wreck. Another OF mentioned that he had been to this museum and that it was fascinating. According to the two OFs, after a storm, there is still gold and silver washed up on the shore of these wrecks. Wrecks (plural) because the OF leasing the Airbnb said the Atocha had a sister ship which many say sank in the same storm.

One of the OFs said that this particular OF was going to be there with everyone and their Geiger counters. Then another OF asked if how these things worked changed because they understood that Geiger counters or metal detectors only detect ferrous objects and gold and silver are non-ferrous.

The OF thought that the departure of the OF would not be alone; it could be like those who travel to Herkimer and the Herkimer Diamond Mines hoping to find a Herkimer Diamond, or those who travel west, or the Adirondacks and go looking for gold.

OFs thought it sounded fun and could pay off; at least he’ll do it in jeans and a t-shirt instead of a mackinaw and mukluks.

Shortage of drivers

OFs spoke about their age and job, as it appears that many companies are looking for workers. “Hey, how about us?” “

“Yeah,” said one of the OFs, “we’re ready to work but not really capable. “

Truck drivers and school bus drivers seem to be desperately needed. Many OFs can and still drive, but one mentioned that some OFs don’t really trust themselves in responding to an emergency when a bus full of children is involved. For example, what if a student gets sick on the bus, or maybe the bus gets behind the wheel of a jack-up tractor-trailer.

One of the OFs took the conversation a step further and commented that he believed that with such a demand for drivers, employers were going to rock bottom. They have already grabbed what was left from before the pandemic and made the best of the worst.

This OF fears that there are a lot of drivers behind the wheel of these trucks who don’t even have a place on the road with the reins in hand, let alone driving any truck. A good slogan for OFs or anyone with a driver’s license would be: Drive safely. Ninety percent of all people are caused by accidents.

Dangers of birdseed

Again, OFs talked about birds and animals that OFs used to see, but recently found rare, if at all. This prompted a brief discussion about birds, and many birders and birders say: Do not feed the birds as they find that a large portion of the seeds contain chemicals that harm the birds and their eggs.

One OF said: “It feels like a throwback to the DDT days. This stuff really worked on the bugs, but was causing issues with the birds.

OFs wondered if the same type of problem was starting to emerge.

“Strange things,” thought one of the OFs. “Insects are very important to our ecology, but can carry some nasty diseases. “

The OFs who accepted the invitation from the Country Café in Schoharie to have breakfast with them were: Glenn Patterson, Joe Rack, Mark Traver, Miner Stevens, Roger Shafer, Wally Guest, Harold Guest, Marty Herzog, Paul Nelson, Jake Lederman, Pete Whitbeck, Bill Lichliter, George Washburn, Robie Osterman, Jake Herzog, Duncan Bellinger, Gerry Chartier, Russ Pokorny, Warren Willsey, Reverend Jay Francis, Lou Schenck, Jack Norray, Elwood Vanderbilt, Bob Donnelly, John Dabravalskas and me .

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