Latest news from COP26 – Greta Thunberg “not officially” invited to the climate summit


World leaders gathered in Glasgow for the UN Cop26 summit are under pressure to act on climate change – but what exactly are they talking about?

Here are some of the commonly used climatic terms and their meanings.

– Nationally determined contributions (CDN)

National climate action plans submitted by countries under the Paris Agreement, which outline post-2020 actions to tackle climate change, with many plans going until 2030.

Cop26 is the deadline for new, more ambitious NDCs as part of a five-year process established by the Paris Agreement, with current policies and plans leaving the world on track to meet 2C or 1.5C targets .

– Cop26

This is the latest global climate summit organized under the United Nations Climate Change Convention, which is hosted by the UK and is taking place in Glasgow.

Cop26, delayed from last year due to the pandemic, is considered the most important international climate meeting since Paris 2015, as it is the NDC deadline and has been described as the last best chance to keep 1.5 ° C close at hand.

There will also be negotiations to agree the final parts of the “settlement” for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and talks focused on finance to help countries cope with the impacts of climate change.

Cop stands for “conference of the parties,” and it is the 26th held under the convention, typically annually since 1995.

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