Latvian on-demand personalized product distribution platform raises 1.5 million euros

Added another ceiling plume from Latvian dropshipping hub, based in Riga has raised €1.5 million as it prepares to spin up its one-stop-shop for all things custom and on-demand product fulfillment.

The launch of the platform sees cosmetics in the EU and US markets, while supplements are currently only available in the US. In the coming months, the platform plans to have both lines available globally as well as adding the coveted apparel category to the lineup.

With industry champions Printful and Printify both from Latvia, completes the on-demand platform Supplefulon-demand packaging platform Print on packagingand on-demand cosmetics platform Autonomous followed in their wake.

Now, with, the country of just 1.9 million people now throws another contender into the ring.

“I believe that on-demand is the future of retail. As sustainability continues to play an increasingly important role in our changing landscape, on-demand retail is one of the key approaches we we can use to limit overproduction – one of the main culprits of what fills our landfills at record rates,” commented the serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Reinis Vaivars. “With, we are liberating stagnant product categories, like cosmetics, to not only become more sustainably produced, but also to remove barriers to entry for anyone who wants to launch their own cosmetics line, without investment. , minimum order quantities, stock management and shipping challenges.

As you’d expect, comes with all the prerequisite Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix integrations, with BigCommerce, Instagram, and Etsy just on the horizon.

According to, the platform targets existing online outlets that already use print-on-demand services and are looking to expand their product line, as well as influencers and creators looking to monetize their audience.

As they mentioned the creators, I would be remiss if I did not highlight’s approach to using copyrighted material. For example, using someone else’s intellectual property and affixing your name or logo above, left, right, or center of it and only reap the benefits .

The platform’s FAQ states, “All designs will be subject to copyright check and you will be notified if there are any issues with your chosen design. Nevertheless, please take into account that it is your own responsibility to ensure that your product does not violate any law or copyright infringement.

So this platform bypasses responsibility for any wrongdoing, placing the blame on the “creator”? I find it difficult to lean heavily on the internal team at as a view of the current state of their own website finds blatant use of footage from a Marvel movie, as well as the use by Maurizio Cattelan”Actor” illustration to show how the process works.

So when it comes to this copyright issue, it seems that doesn’t care. I hope, for their own good, they will guide “creators” and “influencers” through the process of trademark and copyright laws, starting with the USPTO. Trademark Identification Manual.’s 1.5 million seed round was led by Aigars Kesenfeldsfounding investor of various successful fintech companies including Elevation group, Mintosand Sunfinance.

Main picture: Tim Mossholder

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