Launch of new sleeper services between Germany, Venice and Croatia

Just when you start to think that the new hype about night trains in Europe might fade a bit, they reappear. In addition to the recent launch of a new night train line carrying passengers from Prague to Switzerland and Germanya new dormant service has now been announced which spans from Germany to Austria, Italy, HungarySlovenia and Croatia.

The routes were announced as part of a change to German rail timetables, with the new services being run by the Austrian night train operator night jet. It will see trains depart from the southwestern German city stuttgart and head to Europe’s cultural hotspots such as Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb.

And best of all, at certain times of the year (especially Christmas, Easter and summer) Stuttgart will also have direct trains down to the Croatian coastal town of Rijeka. In total, it will take you around 15 hours to cover the entire Stuttgart-Rijeka route.

It should be noted that it was already possible to route the train from Germany south to parts of Central Europe and the Adriatic coast. New is the extension to Stuttgart, which is now connected to four train lines that connect it to the rest of the network. You can see a full map of Nightjet routes here.

It’s hard to think of a better time to be a night train enthusiast in Europe! The new Nightjet route schedule came into effect on December 11, so if you fancy a getaway from Germany to Croatia next summer, now is the time to book. You can find out more on the Nightjet website here.

did you see that this new night train will take you from Prague to Germany and Switzerland?

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