Lawmakers Reject Efforts to Allow Arizona Cities to Regulate Short-Term Rentals | Latest news

The measure was sold to lawmakers as allowing individuals to rent a spare room to earn some extra money. In fact, this is how Airbnb got its name, the idea being an air mattress installed for a guest.

But the reality turned out to be quite different.

In some communities, houses and apartments in entire areas have been bought by investors to be converted into these short-term rentals, drying up the availability of housing for local residents.

“The worst case scenario, of course, is in Sedona,” said Kavanagh, where testimony was heard in the hearings that up to 40% of residential rental properties are now vacation rentals. “It’s even happening in my neighborhood in downtown Scottsdale.”

And then there is the question of how many individuals can be crammed into one of the de facto unstaffed hotels.

“Everyone understands and values ​​the right of anyone to make money and start a business and grow a business,” said representative Aaron Lieberman, D-Paradise Valley.

“When they do it right next to your house and run a hotel in a residential area, it’s no longer their right to run a business,” he said. “It robs you of your right to your home. “

But Weninger said it’s not the complaints about short-term rentals that are coming in.

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