Leading tech entrepreneur Ed Kushins examines Tesla’s move from California to Austin, Texas

Ed kushin

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Tesla Inc., the electric vehicle and energy storage company, is moving its Palo Alto headquarters to Austin, Texas, the company’s CEO Elon Musk said Thursday afternoon. The announcement came at an annual meeting of shareholders held inside one of Tesla’s Gigafactories also located in Austin, Texas. Musk gave vague explanations for the move, but cited high housing costs and long commutes for workers as well as the growth limitations imposed by being in the Bay Area.

Technological company manager, Ed kushin, understands this decision and throws his point of view on this decision. “What’s causing the growing exodus of businesses and people from California to states with lower taxes, lower cost of living, lower crime rates, better schools, and better quality?” of life ? Human nature, ”says Kushins.

But that’s not the end of Tesla’s California story. Musk added that the company will “increase production” at its Fremont and Nevada factories by 50%. Supporting the benefits of the new location, Musk said the new headquarters will be five minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown. And while the business will continue to grow in California, Tesla will grow “even more” in Texas.

Kushins continues, “Many people who believe their personal and family well-being will improve by living elsewhere seem to be willing to uproot their lives and their families to seize this chance. “

Musk has recently become an increasingly vocal critic of the Golden State and Silicon Valley. In an interview at the Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council summit, Tesla’s CEO revealed that he left California because it had become “complacent” in its prominent economic status. He also suggested that Silicon Valley had become less and less relevant.

“We need a little more time to see if this is a short-term reaction or an indication of a long-term trajectory, but I guess California will see more of it leaving. companies and people with higher incomes, which will cause an even steeper downward spiral. Gold has tarnished on the Golden State, “concludes Kushins.


Ed Kushins, Founder of Vacation Property Partners and Home exchange

A former US Navy submarine officer and successful businessman, Ed founded HomeExchange.com in 1992, one of the first online communities on the Internet, pioneering the sharing economy even before the term came to be. be invented, paving the way for companies like Uber, Airbnb and others. A sought-after expert on travel and the sharing economy, he has spoken at seminars, panels and conferences around the world and has been featured in major media outlets including feature articles in the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and many international editions.

After selling HomeExchange.com in 2017, Ed saw the opportunity to combine ownership and sharing to enable millions of families to fulfill their dream of owning a vacation home. His vision for VacationPropertyPartners.com is an easy-to-use website that integrates tools and features that make owning a vacation home with a partner affordable, comfortable and worry-free. Vacation Property Partners makes vacation home ownership more affordable for everyone by halving the cost of ownership.

Ed is an active member of Rotary International and a long-time supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. When he’s not traveling the world with his wife Terry, he stays active by hiking, swimming and golfing. They live in Hermosa Beach, California.

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