Legislation grants the gift that keeps on giving

Cranston. It is the second largest city in Rhode Island, home to the State High School Soccer Championships, the Twin Oaks Restaurant, and the … DMV.


What the city no longer claims is the same weight of the State House it did a year ago when its native son Nicolas Mattiello was the speaker of the House.

This can be seen in the number of Cranstonians on the legislative payroll.

And this is now reflected in the amount of General Assembly grants paid to organizations in the city.

Mattiello enjoyed giving legislative grants to his hometown and was not keen on explaining the benefits he could offer to voters in his constituency.

A shipper of Mattiello’s final and ultimately unsuccessful re-election campaign last year described “the enormous influence” he had over legislative grants and other sources of money.

He wasn’t wrong.

In fiscal year 2019-20, Mattiello awarded 15 legislative grants, all but two to Cranston recipients, worth $ 51,799, the highest number of MPs. That number rises to $ 84,799 if you include the $ 33,000 that went to the Cranston West High School Alumni Association on behalf of the Cranston delegation he was a part of.

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