Lima area Airbnb hosts help recruit new talent

LIMA – With many positions open across the country in the metalwork industry, Brad Stigall, 26, from Fairfield, chose the Lima area for work, a decision he said was worth it.

After recently completing his apprenticeship, Stigall was eager to leave his hometown and embark on his career. He was elated when his local 55 union in Toledo informed him that there was an opening for a one-year temporary position at Pro-Tec Coating Company.

Pro-Tec Coating Company is a steel manufacturer in Leipzig.

Thrilled by the opportunity, he applied and was hired, but one thing was missing: a place to stay. So he explored what he thought was the best affordable home option: Airbnb, an online service that allows people to rent or rent their homes on a short-term basis. After searching several homes, he chose the home of entrepreneur and Lima Young Professionals member Ambyr Rose. He was impressed with the low rate per night and the look of his house through the pictures. Since this was his first time using Airbnb, his two biggest fears were staying with someone who was weird or made them feel uncomfortable, but those fears were quickly gone the day he arrived. Rose two weeks ago.

“Of course I was scared because it was my first, but when I got there she met me outside and made me feel so comfortable,” Stigall said.

The two-week stay at Rose’s was anything but ordinary, according to Stigall.

“Her hospitality is good, she is nice, you can talk to her and she has really helped me this week,” Stigall said. “She helped show me around and we had an event one evening last week.”

When Rose signed up for Airbnb almost two months ago, her goal was not only to generate some form of additional income, but also to pass Lima’s love on to all of her guests.

According to Rose, with the influx of people relocating to this area due to the more than 1,000 positions available in the Lima area on OhioMeansJobs, she knew this would be a great time to apply.

“Employers do a fantastic job recruiting people to come,” Rose said. “They are looking for employees to fall in love with the area and fall in love with their work culture,” said Rose. “One of the ways I found great is, instead of putting them in a static hotel, having them stay in Airbnbs with people who know the area well and who can direct them to places that offer them that quality of life. “

Hospitals in the Lima area are among the many employers who Rose says have done a great job in recruiting new employees and acclimating them to the area. However, she thinks they need more help.

“Hospitals bring in recruits to show them the area first and show them how they can hook up and what they can fall in love with,” Rose said. “However, there is only so much that hospitals can do because they are trying to convince the best talent to stay in the hospital.”

If more employers suggested staying at an Airbnb or hotel, with specific staff educating talent on activities and events happening in the area, Rose believes recruits would be more likely to stay in the area.

“We have an incredible array of events in the area, from laser tag salsa dancing to art walks and chalk walks and poetry slams,” Rose said. “But there is a small gap that our community is working to close. We have what it takes to reinforce that the community has a ton of potential and a lot to offer if only they came to work here.

Lima 3rd Ward City Councilor Carla Thompson is another Airbnb host who enjoys inviting guests to her home to let them know about the many events and activities to explore in Lima. Since signing up with Airbnb nearly three months ago, Thompson said she has welcomed several traveling medical professionals as well as part-time nurses and doctors.

“I think what these healthcare professionals love the most is that it’s really cheap compared to a hotel stay,” Thompson said. “They look for convenience and affordability, because staying at an Airbnb is typically a third of the cost of a hotel.”

Jed Metzger, president of the Lima / Allen County Chamber of Commerce, said he was proud of the efforts Airbnb hosts put into welcoming new people into the community and making them feel at home.

“Anything we can do to be proud of our community and encourage people to discover the many things we have to offer, we will,” said Metzger. “We have a lot to offer, but unless you show people, they won’t know. I think what Ambyr is doing by showing and introducing people to what you can do in the community is great. “

Metzger hopes the community’s efforts will help convince newcomers that Lima is the perfect place to live.

“There are a lot of people who are sent here for work but don’t know anything about the community,” Metzger said. “The more we can embrace them and give them those touches and encourage them to check things out, the more opportunity we have to keep them here to fall in love with our community.”

Ambyr Rose, Airbnb host in Lima, and Brad Stigall, new employer of Pro-Tec Coating Company, chat on her patio outside her home in Lima. Stigall is Rose’s Airbnb guest who recently moved from Fairfield to Lima for a one-year temporary position with Pro-Tec Coating Company.

Airbnb helps bring temporary workers to the region

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