House Litter is bringing back plate and chef-focused dinners now that they’ve put so much effort into redesigning the dining room to be more event-friendly. Dinners will focus on German and German-inspired dishes, with Deutschland-style draft beers. The former kicked off the series last week, but there are plenty more on the horizon for a bimonthly German dinner.

Large Ripple Faithful Union Jack Pub announced the purchase of the building opposite its current location, in the former home of (more recently) Seraphim Asian Grill. Now you can enjoy everything you already love in the British-style football bar, with just a lot more space to stretch out on deck and inside.

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is hosting a S’mores on the circle event on Fridays, featuring chef-created gourmet gooey $ 5 treats.

Gomez barbecue said goodbye to its original location at City Market, another large tent pole that descended into the historic food hall. Since 2017, the steakhouse has been serving hungry downtown residents the brisket they crave, and now all operations will take place from its new location on 10th Street. The post-pandemic city market is struggling to attract foot traffic with so many downtown office workers still working from home. Consider visiting them if it’s been a while.

Alright, take a deep breath Ale store Fishermen Super Fans: The restaurant will close for almost two months. But when it reopens, you’ll be eating the best wings in town in an expanded dining room. (You can still get these Hermanaki wings in the Castleton and Greenwood locations.

With locations on Mass Ave and Broad Ripple, Garden table intends to open a third restaurant / juice bar. Look for a November opening in Carmel, across from Sun King.