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Nurse who vaccinated Nicola Sturgeon says pandemic experience has been “an honor”

The nurse who vaccinated Nicola Sturgeon said her experience during the coronavirus pandemic had been an “honor”.

Elaine Anderson, 51, was put in the spotlight when she gave the Prime Minister her first Covid-19 jag in April.

Ms Anderson, from Clydebank in West Dunbartonshire, usually works as a vaccinator in schools.

Reflecting on her experience with the vaccination program over the past eight months, she said the “Covid war” had brought many emotional moments.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon (right) before receiving the first injection of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, administered by nurse Elaine Anderson.

“From the start it was recognized that the school vaccination teams had a lot of experience in this area and, as the schools were closed, we were integrated into the Covid vaccination program,” she said.

“It was an absolute honor, really quite overwhelming actually. At first people came in, it was often the first time they had left the house in months.

“Some were in tears, there was such relief.

“There has been a real sense of solidarity – we are together in this Covid war and we will beat it. “

She added: “I have met so many great people from all walks of life.

“Everyone has a story. So many interesting people that I would never normally meet.

“Now we are vaccinating young people, which is great.

“Many just say ‘Please put it inside me’ – they just want to get back to normal.”

Describing the day she vaccinated the Prime Minister at NHS facilities Louisa Jordan, Ms Anderson said: “It was another honor. She was lovely and quite emotional.

“My son was very impressed and told all his friends that his mother was famous when she vaccinated Nicola! Nicola, not even the Prime Minister!

“Nothing makes me happier than looking out the window and seeing people in droves, lining up to get the shot.

“There is such excitement – I get a real buzz.

“My starting line for them is, ‘Please don’t have a vaccination party! “”

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