Local Metal Favorites Blackwülf, Disastroid Play Thee Parkside – CBS San Francisco

By Dave Pehling

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – One of the leaders of the Bay Area’s burgeoning metal scene, East Bay band Blackwülf perform their first show in ages on Saturday night, supporting acclaimed veterans of stoner rock Disastroid at Thee Parkside.

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Blackwülf has built a reputation for producing colossal riffs and memorable tunes over nearly a decade and three acclaimed albums. Reunited around longtime collaborators, guitarist Pete Holmes and drummer Dave Pankenier (who have played music together since their childhood in Arizona), Blackwülf is complemented by vocalist Alex Cunningham and bassist Scott Peterson.

Blackwülf (credit: Raymond Ahner)

Working from the classic quartet pattern that served so many major hard rock and metal bands in the ’70s, Blackwülf crafted a handful of doom-laden originals for their self-released album. Spirit traveler in 2014. While the band’s sound owes an indisputable debt to Black Sabbath, even on this first effort, Blackwülf stood out from the many stoner-metal outfits that simply steal riffs and wholesale song ideas from the emblematic godfathers of metal.

With Cunningham’s towering performance and memorable vocal melodies sometimes reminiscent of vocalist Pete Stahl (who led notable bands Scream, Wool, and Goatsnake) and Holmes’ heavy and tangy chord progressions, concise solos skillfully propelled by the section The band’s rhythmic hit on “Royal Pine” and “Thunderwitch,” the album quickly gained the band’s fanfare locally and internationally while catching the ear of Bay Area Ripple Music’s heavy rock imprint.

The label would partner with Blackwülf to release the band’s second album Cycles of oblivion in late 2015, winning another round of critical acclaim, including endorsing Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich in a video posted to YouTube.

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The East Bay headbangers took a while to put together their next batch of songs, but Blackwülf returned in 2018 with their second sternum-shaking effort on Ripple Music titled Sinister sides which has been published with great success. The album featured guest appearances by legendary doom-metal guitarist Geof O’Keefe (a founding member of Pentagram and Bedemon) on several tracks and further refined the heavy, psychedelic metal sound of the team.

As well as having O’Keefe perform on the album, the band convinced the doom legend to visit the Bay Area to participate in their local record release party in addition to filming a few videos for songs by. Sinister sides. The group went on to make appearances at Desertfest London and Planet Desert Rock in Las Vegas that same year.

The group performed a number of local shows in 2019 (including a short surreptitious set in the parking lot of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum before a Raider game before security cut the plug), but focused most of the time. his energy since before and during the pandemic on putting together new material for Blackwülf’s next album.

The group could unveil some of these songs when the quartet plays Thee Parkside on Saturday night headlining the power trio SF Disastroid. Formed over a decade ago by singer / guitarist Enver Koneya and bassist Travis Williams, the band brings a unique twist to the typical stoner-rock formula by adding elements of early Amphetamine Reptile Records style noise rock. from the 90s and later from instrumental post / math-rock. to the mixture.

The band released a series of self-published albums and EPs starting in 2009, gradually building their local audiences as they refined their sound. Most recently, Disastroid has shared the Bay Area stages with established tours like Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator, Helmet, Church Of Misery, Big Business, Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man, as well as the experimental punk mavericks of SF Oxbow.

In addition to appearing at the 2018 Psycho Las Vegas music festival, the band signed with stoner / psych label Heavy Psych Sounds, which released Disastroid’s latest effort. Crazy mortals Last year. Like-minded locals, Blackmoon, open the show.

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Disaster with Blackwülf
Saturday, October 30, 9 p.m. $ 12
You at the edge of the park

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